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So thankful I Maple story M Mesos utilize


So thankful I Maple story M Mesos utilize bots with AI route but just for veggies animals mining and blossoms since im lazy to do it my self ): but this greedy farm is nothing fresh and sad as it's MapleStory 2 dosnt have really good community for EU server glad I don't purchase anything of market because that is 90% always bot feed after that they purchase all the farmed gold back to get cash.Neverless it's fine work on this and it's kinda surprise for me to see someone actually doing something about it OR you might just be bored too xD nevertheless I'd love to see the reaction of the ppl after they come back like WTF MAN!

While I've always hated botters in Maple, and still hold no love for them at MS 2, I could never agree with shaming them so hard due to the manner Nexon functions (at least Maple 1). As if at all, for MS2, old habits die hard. And while they do mess with the market, Nexon at Maple 1 does more than they perform. Do I want them around? No, I realllly don't. Can I anticipate them? Absolutely. While I stated earlier that I don't concur with shaming, I will subtext that with, (unless they begin to intentionally BS in a really sad way like the 1 guy"Oh so you recorded me clearly doing it manually")? .

I use a control for some PC gaming. I dont bot farm r w.e u call it, and I don't use my controller at this time for ms2. But my controller allow commands to be put by me on 1 button. So I will set a button to maneuver and perform any action I want and set a gap in between, like 2sec gap 8sec gap. So as long as I have something to keep that button back . The sport things I'm pressing the buttons repeat the command.

I don't understand why utilizing robots is wrong, in a shitty game where getting a fantastic amount of mesos you've either to work your ass off(probably don't wana do this as it is a shitty game), or utilize bots, you agree farming is exhausting yet fail to give that not everyone is as capable or more likely has time for this shit but still wish to expereince the"good" part of this game and enforce that everybody has to do as you can even though that is not your job, it is the developer's job as pointed in the tos. You reek of being the type that's apparently"justice" driven but MaplestoryM Mesos in reality is far from that, not due to only my subjective opinion on botting, but more so since

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