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Don’t browse internet while attending lectures

Don’t browse internet while attending lectures

Many students keep using their smartphones while attending lectures. They either check their social media profiles, play games, or watch videos while their professors is working hard to give hem valuable information on useful topics. Professors do not like such students, because they not only waste their own time, but also waste the time of the other students.


Since students can take academic writing help online now, they are no longer worried about their assignments. This is the main reason why they don’t pay attention during the lectures. They assume that by checking the essay writing website reviews, they can easily find a talented writer, who can write any type of essay for them. Students have no idea about the knowledge that they are missing out on by not paying attention to their college professors. This way, internet acts as a distraction for these students and disturbs their academic schedule. Students should not be allowed to carry their smartphones while attending lectures.


They should either submit them to their professor before the commencement of the lecture or turn them off to ensure that they don’t end up using them. If students didn’t have anything to play with while attending lectures, they are more likely to concentrate on what is being taught to them by their professor.