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The difference between condenser and evaporator

The difference between condenser and evaporator

Both the condenserand the evaporatorare heat exchangers. The so-called heat exchange is a mutual heat transfer device between two or more fluids of different temperatures, so it is also called a heat exchange device. Therefore, although the structure of the condenser and the evaporator are different, their working principles are the same. They are heat exchange devices that pass refrigerant and external media across the surface of the container, that is, they are all heat exchangers. In terms of factors that affect heat transfer, condensers and evaporators are the same, and heat transfer has a tube relationship with heat transfer area, heat transfer temperature difference, and heat transfer coefficient.

The condenser and evaporator work differently. The condenser is used to cool and liquefy the medium and release heat to the outside. The evaporator is a medium endothermic gasification, which absorbs external heat, that is, the refrigerant changes from gas to liquid, which is a condensation heat release process, and its internal pressure is generally high; the evaporator refrigerant changes from liquid to gas, which is evaporation and heat absorption During the process, the internal pressure is generally low.

The condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration device. Its function is to cool and condense the superheated refrigerant vapor discharged from the refrigerator into refrigerant liquid, and release the heat into the cooling medium. Commonly used cooling media are: water and air.

The evaporator is a heat exchanger between the refrigerant and the low-temperature heat source in the refrigeration system, and is also one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration equipment. In the evaporator, the refrigerant liquid evaporates at low pressure and low temperature to absorb the heat of the cooling medium, and becomes the refrigerant dry saturated gas or superheated vapor at low temperature and low pressure, thereby generating and outputting cold energy in the refrigeration system. The evaporator is located between the throttle valve of the refrigerator and the gas return pipe, or between the liquid supply and oil return pipe of the vapor-liquid separation equipment, and is installed in a cold room or place that needs cooling and freezing.

Evaporator and condenser are important components of refrigeration equipment. Relying on the endothermic/exothermic reaction of these two components, the refrigeration equipment can work normally.

The evaporator, as a kind of heat-absorbing element, uses the low-pressure volatility characteristics of the low-temperature liquid refrigerant to convert it into steam, absorb the heat of the cooling medium, and achieve the purpose of refrigeration. From the structure division, it can be divided into box type, tube type, plate type and other different types.

As a heat releasing element, the condenser can convert the high-temperature and high-pressure gas refrigerant compressed by the compressor into a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid to release heat to the outside. It absorbs and releases together with the evaporator to realize the conservation of heat. From the structure division, it can be divided into shell and tube type, casing type, plate type, water type and other different types.

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