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I have not touched NH because a month after it came out

I have not touched NH because a month after it came out

The other huge shortcoming of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells this series is the lack of thickness with thing interactivity. More things will need to be interactive(eg you need to be able to lounge at pools just like you can with seats ), and many things should be more impressive when utilized (eg the cannon should produce a genuine cannonball instead of a gloomy puff of smoke, and arcades should have a little mini-game attached). This is especially true of larger items that take up a lot of room. For how big it is, it's really annoying that I can't get into the teacup ride.

Been a huge fan of the show because Wild World, put thousands of hours into Wild World and New Leaf each and loved those matches. Will be some of my all time favorites forever.

I have not touched NH because a month after it came out, and I believe it's well worth exploring and discussing the possible reasons why. Appears an important part of longtime AC fans feel the same. Except for those who do not enjoy hearing anything aside from a 100% positive opinion of the match.

I enjoy the game. It's still the default island and I've seen some people nuts, I lack the imagination to do that.

My only other gripes will be villager interactions which feel bogged down in comparison to previous entrances and some spawn rates for specific bugs/fish are ridiculous.

Folks allow nostalgia cloud their judgement far too often in this particular sub.

I liked them but I do not have some incentive to enter anymore. The connections with villagers are dull at most and the decoration thing is a bit overwhelming. Still I come back like 1-2 times per week

I have been playing the game every day since launch and have 225 hours inside. I think some folks are attempting to get everything done in this sport as fast as possible, then upset when they discover there is nothing after that. They always go to islands which have high prices for turnips, get countless bells, and upgrade their house and can purchase everything they ever require. Additionally trading paintings and recipes. I really don't play online in buy Animal Crossing Bells any way, and still haven't updated my home fully.
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