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How to choose a right power bank for your smartphone

Posted by szsunda on July 13th Travis Kelce Hoodie , 2016

Today, many mobile power are beginning to support the "quick-charge", and collect up a lot of fans. The problem is, if you buy a mobile power quick charge technology and the phone does not match, will face a lot of embarrassment use. Do not believe? Then let us take a closer talk.

Two-way quick charging standard has become optional

For speaking of those frequent 10000mAh mobile power capacity, the time for charging it full from zero often requires an entire evening (6 to 8 hours). Therefore, whether to support fast charge technology has become the new standard measure of a new mobile power .

Today 5V 2A (10W) is already a basic charging parameters Justin Houston Hoodie , if the mobile power supply only supports 5V 2A but still named "quick-charge" as a selling point, that we have enough reason to "despise" it. On account of Mobile power safety reasons, the power of universal quick charge time is less than a smartphone, but in order to get quick charge "qualification", charging power at least to reach about 15W or higher (such as 12V 1.5A), if charging power can reach 18W or higher it will be naturally better.

Quick charging mobile power needs to be understood from two perspectives, one is input (to charge the mobile power itself) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Hoodie , on the one hand is the output (mobile power to charge the phone). Only supports input and output of two-way quick charging , mobile power play role is considered the essence of the fast charge, for a target of our purchasing.

So, how should we choose a two-way quick charging mobile power?

Before buying a two-way mobile power, we should first ask yourself two questions:

1. What can you give mobile power charging?

2, what device you charge use the mobile power?

Before answering the question, we need to carry out some assumptions: Suppose you have a Kareem Hunt Hoodie , or plan to buy a quick-charging technology support smart phones, this phone also comes with a standard fast charge adapter .

Then answer the first question. Today, 99% of the market of mobile power with only random data cable but no charger adapter, if want to charge power bank quickly , you also need a support fast charging adaptor. The problem is that the price of such universal charging adaptor is more than 50 RMB,. Thus, the fast charge mobile power technology and your smartphone (the standard charging adapter) fast charge technology compatible with each other is very important.

The second question: the smart phone fast charge technology mainly based on Qualcomm QC Patrick Mahomes Hoodie , MediaTek PE PEP, Samsung FastCharge, Huawei FCP and OPPO VOOC flash charge (also a plus 3 fast charge compatible VOOC) . Therefore, we must according to the specific model of smart phone and fast charge technology it supports, select its matching mobile power. Otherwise, mobile power will face "powerless," the embarrassing situation.

In short Tyreek Hill Hoodie , the whole process of charging, mobile power, charging adaptor, smart phones, among the three devices form a complete ecosystem, and fast charge standard protocol was to hold the key to this ecosystem normal operation. So, what determines mobile power support what kind charging adaptor  Darwin Thompson Hoodie , and compatible what kind smart phones which with fast charge technology ?

identification IC and master mix

Compatibility of mobile power, depending on its internal master chip (power management chip and a boost converter, etc. referred to) and the identification IC two parts. take the Meizu M10 and other mobile power supply for example, these products are used for BQ25895 TI and TI TPS61088 boost the master plan, in theory, be able to meet the QUALCOMM QC and MediaTek PEP input output range.

Quick charge power bank in market certainly support QC3.0 while also taking into account the MediaTek PEP only temporarily Meizu M10, etc. just a few paragraphs. Therefore Khalen Saunders Hoodie , if the phone you are using or plan to buy supports QC quick charge, then congratulations, any of the two-way quick charge mobile power can work for you; if you quick-charge mobile phone equipped with a MediaTek processor it really have small selected range.

Finally, to remind you a thing, a lot of mobile powers have dual USB interface, in which a quick-charge USB output, another USB port will stop output. Therefore Juan Thornhill Hoodie , re to the quick charge mobile power supply, the dual USB output interface is not mandatory, with higher output power and conversion efficiency is more important .

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    How to choose a right power bank for your smartphone Posted by szsunda on July 13th Travis Kelce Hoodie , 2016 Today, many mobile power...
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