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I have to say that I enjoying Madden play

Exactly. Last I purchased was Madden 18. I played on and off when once Madden 20 coins was on EA pass, I wanted the fix and got 20. For each one of us, there is people purchasing it without thinking and may not dabble in MUT. Then you have the people purchasing it and dropping money on MUT. Even aside from the people who put money for every single person who only spends money on MUT one or two times, that's probably close to $40-$60 again they are spending and that is essentially another copy of Madden sold. People are addicted to the MUT version as it works in NBA 2k and even at the Show just a little bit. The distinction is the Show appears to be making improvements or is at such a level that is excellent that it's fine. Regrettably Madden found the version while they had/have the monopoly on NFL video games so the franchise style got disregarded.

The Show's tackling of Diamond Dynasty is pretty good. I have never been big on those modes whatsoever and have not even touched MUT, but I ended up acquiring quite a couple of DD cards at The Display 18 and 19 (haven't purchased 20) since you get the stubs to buy them and even the cards themselves through regular game play, and you are able to buy/sell cards onto an open market. It feels very nonstop, and you can enjoy Diamond Dynasty without spending a dime of genuine money on card packs.I've never really been a fan of the card collecting modes in any sports game but Diamond Dynasty is the only one I've dabbled in for more than like half an hour full. There is a good amount of things you can do at no cost in there.I will give EA a little credit, Madden play within a routine NFL game is fun and does feel sensible, but this meme is absolutely correct. I simply bought MLB The Show 20, and also the only player modes are fun, immersive, and also have a large variety of game types. With a baseball game, I think you are due to the repetitive nature of Madden. But Madden makes it a enjoyable experience. I had not purchased a baseball game in years, but it really opened my eyes to the massive gap between what EA has done and what others have achieved with significantly less sales. There really is no explanation, and should be an embarrassment to the leaders in EA.

The Display certainly does things right with their presentation and their game modes like Road to the Display and March to October are so much more enjoyable than that which Madden has set out. That being said however, I've noticed they've been getting lazy without a competition like Madden. Besides their version of MUT in Diamond Dynasty, it really has not changed much since 17 or 18 in my own opinion. However, Madden could learn a couple things from The Display.

Because if you use a bit of imagination you can think how good Madden can be. What we have now is absolute shit compared to what EA is capable of providing bit dont because they make money from MUT and there is no reason to modify something that makes money. When people call for a boycott of madden to take the money out of EA everybody bitches. It is the market response that is suitable and nobody is willing to take action.

You're either entertained if you can't see flaws for this year's game or have low standards for soccer games. There were significant changes made for this year's game, but it deserves criticism. I don't think EA should be stopped being criticized for what they have done to this franchise. Even if there were a few differences, it's still low work and could be a whole lot better. They make money so they don't care. It is a result of these being. The only thing we can to fix it would be to criticize Madden, or quit buying. I wish people did more of this one.

You must be a football fan to believe Madden is a representation of football. It will be found by you, when you always look for the negative. Fortunately, the exact same is true for when you look for the positive in all things.I think you can search for both and make judgements but when games that are a decade and a half older have better gameplay and features it is hard to get behind modern Madden when all it has going for it is that the images are pretty.That seems like a more fair assessment. Regardless I like playing with Madden. I am thankful for my health and abundance of wonderful things in my life. Be careful because thinking is really a virus.

I have been disgusted with EA for this. They haven't touched franchise mode for years now. Well, I'm quarantined and bored so I downloaded 20 final night off of ea access with zero, maybe negative expectations. I have to say that I enjoying Madden play. It feels so far better and more fluid and polished than previous decades. In addition, I like X Factors. I won't purchase 21 unless they completely overhaul franchise style to buy Mut 20 coins, but as a longtime EA hater I wanted to recognize that a little step in the ideal direction, in my opinion.