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How to Take Care of Recently Painted House?

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A few tips would be more than helpful when it comes to maintaining and taking care of the fresh painting on a house. Painting is the easiest and usually the most inexpensive way of improving the look and feel of a house.

A few tips would be more than helpful when it comes to maintaining and taking care of the fresh painting on a house. Painting is the easiest and usually the most inexpensive way of improving the look and feel of a house. A little bit of maintenance can ensure that the glow and look will last for a long time. Frequent attention and maintenance is required when the newly painted house is exposed to high humidity Mike Bibby Womens Jersey , cold, or salt in the air as is the case in locations close to the beach. To prevent flaking and peeling of the paint, one can use protective paint coating regularly. A simple visual inspection once in every 6 months or 1 year should tell you how the paint is holding up and whether there is any damage that is setting in.

In case of a freshly painted house Dikembe Mutombo Womens Jersey , you need to pay special attention to the roof sidings, trims and sills of windows to check if the paint is slowly peeling off. Frequent inspection can help you spot two common types of defects observed on walls. In the first case, you might find that the paint is loose and is coming off quite easily. In such cases Pete Maravich Womens Jersey , it is better to use a steel brush and scrape of the paint completely and then apply a fresh coat or primer followed by paint. Similarly, if there is water seepage that is slowly damaging the painted surface, you can use beading or re-caulking to ensure that it is not repeated. An inexpensive way of covering up minor patches is to apply touch-up paints on the problem areas that you have identified. The benefit of applying touch-up paints is that you can clean up the small area and prevent it from growing into a bigger and uglier patch.

One of the prevention and precaution tips for painting is to scrape the dust and dirt totally on a surface before any sort of paint is applied. If the surface is damp and contains moisture Spud Webb Womens Jersey , it has to be dried completely as paint will not stick to a wet surface. Washing the surfaces whenever dirt is getting collected will help you to prevent the damaging of the paint finish. You can also use anti-mildew additives, which help in preventing the growth of moss on damp surfaces. It is not a bad idea to go for lifetime paints which are usually thicker and stretch because of flexibility. Double coating of these paints will ensure that your paint stays on the walls for a long time, sometimes for decades although they might cost you extra. In fact Dominique Wilkins Womens Jersey , some lifetime paints come with a warranty and could be a good buy.

Once in a while you can inspect the painted surface and try to scrape off any loose dirt. This will help in maintaining the brighter finish of the paint. A soft brush or a combination of water and bleach can do the trick in cleaning up dirty patches on the surface.

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