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Were a small organization, so it gave us that confidence that were doing the right thing

So, its just before midnight on Tuesday as I write this. Cheap Packers Jerseys . I just got off the air of the #FantasyMarathon, 28 straight hours of fantasy football broadcasting across ESPN, ESPN2 and the WatchESPN app. I actually woke up at 8 a.m. on Monday to do the podcast at 10 a.m. After a day of production meetings and rehearsals, we were ready to broadcast at 7 p.m. We had decided before the show that NFL Insider Adam Schefter and I would go for all 28 hours, so by the end of it, I would have been awake for 40 straight hours. And here we are.I have to tell you, it was one of the hardest things Ive done. It was exhausting, it was intense, it was demanding and it was, quite simply, the most fun Ive ever had on TV.My plan, before starting the marathon, was to keep a running diary of sorts during the broadcast. But, in all honesty, I forgot about that task for chunks of time throughout. ESPN is a big place, and we broadcast out of several studios and buildings, so I was often just getting off the air and running to another place or trying to grab a quick bite to eat or go to the bathroom. I even changed clothes once.If I had been smart, I would have made notes by my entries, writing things like Hour 1 and so on. But of course I did no such thing. So this is really disjointed, even for me. Like I said, I am writing this up while its still somewhat fresh in my mind, but I am also going on no sleep for 40 hours. So I am loopy.Below are some random thoughts I managed to jot down during the course of the fantasy marathon, stream-of-consciousness style and in somewhat chronological order:* Louis Riddick, for whom I have tremendous respect, keeps talking up Jaguars receiver?Allen Robinson. He says he thinks A-Rob will lead the NFL in yards per catch this season and discusses what he sees in Robinsons connection with quarterback?Blake Bortles.?Hes nervous about often-sidelined Bears receiver?Alshon Jeffery for same reason ESPNs injury analyst Stephania Bell is. Jeffrey is starting to give me the heebie-jeebies. Or is that the energy drink I just pounded?Other observations from Lou: He feels Martellus Bennett will help fellow tight end?Rob Gronkowski, as the Patriots want to control the middle of the field. Hes also really impressed by Seahawks running back?Christine Michael and says its finally kicked in for him. And he thinks theres some truth to Seattles 1-2 punch stuff weve heard about Thomas Rawls and Michael.* We go to Fantasy Island! Weve locked Stugotz from The Dan Le Batard Show and Mike Golic Jr. from First and Last in a room where they are forced to watch the entire marathon. They mention sleeper QBs they like, Tampa Bays?Jameis Winston and Tennessees?Marcus Mariota. I prefer Winston.We have 28 hours to kill, so we are trying a bunch of things to keep the marathon fantasy-focused in some places and goofy and entertaining in others -- because the whole thing is preposterous. Fantasy Island is one of these ideas. So is the fact that I now find myself at a table talking to a puppet. We are already off the rails.* I manage to get in two Hit em with the Hein! references, a shoutout and private joke of The Howard Stern Show.* We are now four hours or so into this thing and there are a million moving pieces -- and I cant help but marvel at Trey Wingo and Michelle Beadle. You have no idea how hard it is to do what they do and make it look effortless. And they do. Theyre among the very best anchors we have at ESPN -- rock stars.* Dr. Michael Kaplan comes on late at night. We do a bit on sleep deprivation. I chug my second Red Bull.* We talk top-10 running backs. There are quite a few differences on my list compared with those of ESPN staff ranks. I am higher on the Chiefs?Jamaal Charles and the Bills?LeSean McCoy than our consensus ranks.* Were in the middle of Fantasy Football Now (the midnight to 3 a.m. version) and my good friend Mike Clay makes his national TV debut. Well done, Mike. Eric Karabell, who is doing yeomans work on the radio broadcast of the marathon, also pops by -- good stuff from both. Clay talks about rookies and brings up Titans receiver?Tajae Sharpe, currently running with the first string, in a positive manner. The next day the Titans would trade receiver?Dorial Green-Beckham.Sara Walsh is hosting this segment with Mike, and her IFB (the earpiece through which the control room communicates with the host to coordinate everything) cuts out. Sara is literally flying blind on national TV after midnight, but she gets through it. Shes seriously awesome.Its fun to be back with Sara, Field Yates, Tim Hasselbeck and Stephania: my Sunday crew. I cant wait for the season.Meanwhile, Reese Waters is on Broadway. All I can say is, Reese is a trouper.* Its now the 3-6 a.m. shift and I am on Jalen & Jacoby. We found a league loser who had to get a tattoo, so hes getting it done live on the air. Hilarious.@MatthewBerryTMR the finished product of @matt_gold25 tat . Thanks for everything #httr Corey (@C_Herrington24) August 16, 2016Matt, the loser, is a Bills fan and, yeah, thats Tom Brady riding a buffalo.* Theres a lot of?Sterling Shepard talk on Jalen & Jacoby with me and Anita Marks, who also covers the Giants. She goes to the practices and echoes what we have heard about the receiver. Im going to have to raise him in my ranks. We all love Sterling Shepard.Jalen is in a fantasy football league with LeBron James and talks about that. Its $10,000 to enter -- because of course it is. Love Jalen. Jacoby, too. Those are goofy, funny dudes. Its a great vibe they have.* During the 5 a.m. hour,?Adam is talking deep sleepers. His is?Tyreek Hill, the talented rookie receiver for Kansas City, who has worlds of talent but also some baggage. Hill has gotten some nice run with the starters in camp and is getting a long look by Andy Reid and staff.* Its 6 a.m. and its Mike and Mike time. They are discussing their upcoming draft that night and who should control the team. Its an analytics (Greeny) versus film study/former player (Golic) debate, cleverly disguised as friendly ribbing between the two hosts. Its an interesting topic and Im too tired to go into it here. But I will say that after staying on that show in its entirety and doing segments in all four hours, I have a new appreciation for what pros those two guys are.* Up next is First Take from 10 a.m. to noon. Whats great about this marathon is that each show brings a unique perspective to discussing fantasy. Im not on very long, but Max Kellerman does say he believes Carolinas?Greg Olsen is the No. 1 tight end in fantasy, not Gronk. Stephen A. Smith is shocked and disagrees. Anyone surprised by that?* I run over to do a quick hit on SportsCenter with Josh Donaldson, the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman. Hes in a 12-team PPR league and wants advice. Schefty and I give it to him. He wants to know our outlook on Steelers receiver?Sammie Coates: late-round flyer right now but not without issues.I almost fall asleep before this hit while sitting on the set. I do that nod off and catch myself thing. Luckily I am not on camera. Ive had four Red Bulls at this point. Fatigue is really starting to set in.* Things start to become a blur. I start drinking water to hydrate more. We do a segment on Fantasy Football Kickoff in which I bungle all sorts of words. Ruh-roh.I recover a bit and the rest of the show is uneventful. We do a what caught your eye in preseason Week 1 segment. Both running back?Derrick Henry of the Titans and wide receiver?Tyler Boyd of the Bengals get love. I point out that 153 targets are up for grabs for Boyd in Cincy with Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu gone.Comedian Frank Caliendo is doing impressions throughout the day. He does a Donald Trump bit that kills me.* ... and on to NFL Live, where we do the first round of a draft with 10 NFL analysts and fantasy folks. Heres how it goes:1. Antonio Brown 2. Odell Beckham Jr. 3. DeAndre Hopkins (Riddick takes him over Julio Jones. Louis is very bullish on Hopkins this year.) 4. Julio Jones 5. Dez Bryant (Picked by Hall of Fame NFL running back Jerome Bettis, who says the Cowboys run game will be very successful, which will open things up for Dez. 6. Adrian Peterson 7. David Johnson?(Selected by Field Yates.) 8. A.J. Green 9. Todd Gurley?(My pick -- how did Gurley fall to No. 9?) 10. Ezekiel Elliott. (Allen Robinson would have been pick 11.)* I then head to SportsNation with Beadle and Marcellus Wiley, and were all punch-drunk at this point. Podcast listeners know this, but Beadle is among my favorite people on the planet, let alone at ESPN. Its always fun when we get to work together. Its all laughter and nonsense for a few hours.* Suddenly -- OK, not suddenly at all -- Ive been at this for an entire day now. Its 7 p.m and were entering the final stretch. I have my sixth Red Bull. My back is killing me, but I am actually good. I can see the finish line. I can do this.Theres a celebrity draft and its all sorts of hilariousness and awesomeness. Weve been checking in with Stugotz and Golic Jr. on Fantasy Island throughout this. Now, in an indescribable scene that had to be seen to be believed, with some TV magic, they are running with the bulls in Pamplona. Its flat-out hysterical. I didnt really know either guy before this, so it was a lot of fun getting to know them a bit.I dont know how to describe the celeb draft, except that everyone was sort of punch-drunk. The mood was loose and fun, and I dont think I have ever laughed as hard or had as much fun on TV as I did during it. (Editors note: So, you do know how to describe the celeb draft, despite your state while typing this.) Michael Smith and Jemele Hill were talking trash to Mike and Mike, and they were giving it right back. Stugotz and Golic Jr. continued to roll, and Kenny Mayne was, as always, very funny. Trey was on fire and everyone else got into the spirit of it, including guests Bobby Flay, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, along with Adam and Louis.* And then its a wrap. More than 1.75 million teams drafted during the marathon. Not everything was perfect, but I wouldnt have changed a thing. I am exhausted, but damn am I proud. Everyone worked so hard and it all somehow came together.Just awesome. When do we get to do it again? Custom Green Bay Packers Jerseys . "I was fortunate to play many years at this level with a great organization and unbelievable teammates," said Hejduk in a statement. Packers Jerseys 2021 .ca! Hi Kerry, Its another day and here we are looking at another dubious hit to the head. In this case Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky elbowed Saku Koivu in the head about a second after he dished off the puck to a teammate, knocking him unconscious. . Now, correct me if Im wrong but I saw one official distinctly pointing at the net indicating a good goal but after an inconclusive review they overturned the goal. Shouldnt the ruling on the ice (good goal) stand after an inconclusive review? Why was this overturned? James Veaudry Pembroke, ON -- Hey Kerry, Youll get a lot of these, but why was the Montreal goal against Nashville Saturday night overturned? Eller puts the puck on net and the on ice ruling from the ref behind the net is a Montreal goal. While Chrissy Lewis-Summers was working at a 60-hour-a-week office job, a friend asked what she would like to be doing if money were no object. Without hesitation, she replied that she wanted to help empower girls through sports.It was the first time she had said it aloud and the first time she fully realized her true passion. Instead of letting the moment go to waste, she turned it into her full-time job.In August 2011, Lewis-Summers formed Beyond Sticks, a field hockey program that focuses on leadership and character development. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Lewis-Summers, a former field hockey player at Vassar College, began by giving private lessons to three girls.Three players quickly turned into seven, and then seven turned into 15, and before long, she had enough to field an entire team. From there, she started a summer camp, and soon enough, it was a booming organization that provided an in-demand opportunity for hundreds of area girls. In addition to the on-field coaching and activities, Beyond Sticks prioritized life skills and character building off the field.Soon the organization had two successful components -- a club level and a recreation level -- and was quick to add a third nonprofit element. Calling it Play Beyond the Game, Lewis-Summers was determined to make sure every girl who wanted to play the sport had an opportunity to do so, regardless of her familys financial status, and she designed the program to bring the sport into lower-income communities.At the 2015 espnW: Women + Sports Summit, Lewis-Summers was awarded a Toyota Everyday Heroes grant of $10,000 for her organization. The money went into funding a new program in New York City. Lewis-Summers worked with Inwood Academy for Leadership, a charter school, to make it the first public school in the city to offer field hockey. With help from players on the nearby Columbia University field hockey team, the organization has been able to bring the game to kids who otherwise would likely have never been introduced to the sport.I think this program has given these girls the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, in trying a sport that is totally new to them and finding joy in challenging each other to get better and better each week, Columbia student-athlete and program volunteer Taylor Mills said.These girls also have had an opportunity to talk to female collegiate student-athletes to learn about hard work and the many great advantages of attending college. [Lewis-Summers] has expressed that for many of these students, college isnt always encouraged for their future. I certainly hope that tthis program has given these girls the chance to see why furthering their education can open so many doors for them in their future. Fake Packers Jerseys. Lewis-Summers hopes to expand the program in New York and to other lower-income areas, using Inwood Academy as the pilot.Several of her players in Virginia who started as middle-school students and stayed through high school are now college students, so Lewis-Summers is starting to see the fruition of her hard work. She points to one former player as an embodiment of the program and everything it stands for. Samantha Russell started as a seventh grader and instantly fell in love with the game.She was part of my first team, Lewis-Summers said. She got cut her freshman year [of high school] because she had an asthma attack and was able to continue to play through our rec program and then went back the next year and made her varsity team. And now shes a freshman at Kenyon College and playing on their team.She really bought into the idea of positive coaching, the idea of positive playing and just lived and breathed it. Its been an incredible joy to watch her go from a little seventh grader to now playing at a Top-25 D-III school.With her husband landing a job at West Point, Lewis-Summers now lives in New York with him and their 2-year-old daughter. She is expecting twins later this month and plans to take a short time off after giving birth. Then she will resume full-time duties with Beyond Sticks.Although free time is clearly at a premium, she has been volunteering a few days a week with the Vassar College field hockey team and makes frequent trips to Virginia to her organizations home base. When Lewis-Summers isnt there or when she will be out on maternity leave, she relies on a dedicated team of volunteers and one full-time staff member, who help ensure the operation runs smoothly.Lewis-Summers says she is forever grateful for Toyotas financial assistance, but she is most thankful for the connections and inspiration the award has afforded her -- and for the validation it has provided. She has stayed in touch with fellow 2015 award winner Heidi Boynton, the founder of the Mini Mermaid Running Club, among other previous winners.Were a small organization, so it gave us that confidence that were doing the right thing, she said. It gives you the assurance to go out and say, We are providing a really good service for girls, and its really helped us in that area. We want all girls to have access to field hockey. ' ' '
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