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ymakerpi8d Mar 12
While mic'd up for a "Monday Night Football" game, once famously quipped that he was "seeing ghosts" as the were subject to a beatdown Joshua Dobbs Jersey at the hands of the . Evidently, Darnold's sixth sense has now followed him to his third and to the home of the squad's All-Pro tight end.During Darnold shared that he had been staying at pool house while he searched for a place to live as a new member of the . But after a bizarre experience in the middle of the night, Darnold was creeped out enough that he moved out sooner than expected."You know how sometimes you have a dream and then you wake up and you feel like you can't O.J. Howard Jersey move for like maybe four or five seconds, whatever it is? And you know, I felt that," Darnold said. "I woke up, it was like 3 a.m. Alec Spence Jersey , went to go take a pee and, you know, came back, fell right asleep."And then, that next night, the same thing happened, and I couldn't -- I had to keep focusing on this thing there was something else in the room." Darnold compared the experience to other stories he has heard about people in hotels and dorms that were built on Civil War sites, and he let on that whatever occurred still creeps him out."It just felt like when I woke up there was something holding on to San Diego State Aztecs Jersey Sale me, and then that next night, I felt that something was in the room with me," Darnold said. "And it was the freakiest thing. I'm getting chills talking about it right now, but that's never happened to me before." A former star quarterback at USC and the No. 3 overall pick by the Jets in the 2018 , Darnold is now a backup on the 49ers after two up-and-down seasons with the , where he alternated between being the team' Carlos Curry Jersey s starting quarterback, dealing with injuries and riding a quarterback carousel. Darnold will be an option for San Francisco behind and , both of whom are coming off injuries in 2022.