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dennisli Apr 6 '23

The sex doll industry is leading the way in synthetic biology, fueled by a growing pool of cutting-edge technology and a wealth of innovative talent. Just when you thought that the creators of physical dolls couldn't continue their epic designs and builds, they've managed to come up with even more groundbreaking dolls.

US-based physical doll company Tantaly has clearly become one of the dominant forces in the AI physical doll market, producing advanced humanoid robots. In a recent social media post, the company hinted at the technology it's using to push the boundaries of realism.

The company wrote on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages abroad: "It's not just detailed design and tasteful makeup that make our dolls shine, guess what?"

The post seems to suggest that the company has some tricks up its sleeve to make Tantaly Britney is skin "glow," giving the doll's complexion a human-like response to light. Many fans of foreign physical dolls, even domestic fans, commented on the post, and expressed their own unique insights, trying to guess how RD achieved this goal.

Someone commented: "It should be a special skin color. It can not only absorb ambient light, but also reflect light all over the body, which makes the doll look radiant."

Another person thought: "I think the official announcement video and photos are more like finding the ultimate lighting and angle, or taking extra care when making each doll."

Of course, there was no shortage of compliments, "What a talented crew, well done!" another fan added. Some joked: "Then you have to spray the doll with sunscreen before going out, otherwise you will get tanned."

While the company hasn't revealed how Tantaly Monroe does it, most believe it's an ingredient that helps reflect and absorb light.

In addition, it should be noted that the physical doll with more advanced artificial intelligence capabilities developed by RD and Abyss Creation Company has been equipped with an integrated AI system called X-mode. Work has also begun on a new system that would give a physical doll three interchangeable faces, and three potentially different personalities.