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ggshoesesaler Dec 20 '20

"For the past year, it's been all about maximalism, but when COVID-19 hit, we saw it take a backseat to stealth luxury," she said at the time. "Shoppers are trading bold, logomania pieces for more timeless classics. They aren't just for the gym anymore and can Golden Goose certainly be paired with more than just your Lululemon leggings. There is nothing we love more than a midiskirt and Vans slip-on moment.

Everything's outdoors, closed by 11, and spaced out on the sidewalk. Plus, they come in lots of fabulous colors, which helps me have a little fun even with the Congressional dress code. While her designs are spontaneous and made in conversation with customers, Porter says the creations are also very much influenced by her filmmaking. (She describes her films as "nonverbal visuals.") "I think very much from a cinematographic perspective-my placement in relation to an object, from an aerial view or from below-so a lot of Golden Goose Sale the images on my tops replicate that kind of point of view," she says.

If I'm ambitious, I'll walk to my local bookshop-cafe for some olive oil Golden Goose Outlet cake and a dirty chai. Shortly after, Skoot was born. The color mix is perfection. Image architect Law Roach has been behind some of the most meme-worthy looks of all time, transforming Celine Dion into a couture addict and making Zendaya her generation's most-watched fashion star.

Like, 'How far can you push the limit?' Sometimes it's just for fun, to poke fun at fashion, like putting a bunch of pockets on something when it doesn't really need it," says McLaughlin over Zoom. Six months later, I'm still in Chicago, with a new corgi puppy/coworker who has been getting me outside and away from my work.

Supergoop sunscreen is also key on that front: I use it as my base layer and then supplement it with Shiseido's UV protector stick because I once read a pro surfer's beauty secrets, and that's what she recommended. I'm also wearing my Ampwata shirt, which I love because I know the designer, Jasmine Plantin, is all about finding peace in the ocean.