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z2ugame Nov 26 '20
Short Ride Coins At first glance the question of “What is the ideal distance for a bike ride?” would appear to be entirely subjective and thus unanswerable. I mean what are we talking about here? Road or dirt? Is it hot out or is it cold? And what time do I have to be home? Do I have to get back to take the kids to soccer practice at 10 A.M. or can I drop them off with the grandparents and ride all day? Well despite the seemingly open-ended nature of this question I’ve conducted extensive research and I’m pleased to report that it does in fact have a quantifiable answer.

Wanting to get ahead of the calories this Thanksgiving a group of avid cyclists gathered at Founders Park for what they call The Thanksgiving Day Ride so you can eat that extra piece of pie.All the same a little morning chill didn’t stop the riders from getting an early workout this year. Previous years saw up to 30 participants but a combination of beautiful weather and safe gathering brought more participants than anticipated.Along with the bike ride there were a number of early morning Thanksgiving workouts held throughout Rapid City for those hoping to make room for extra Thanksgiving dessert.

Pearland is gearing up for an evening holiday bike ride to set off the Christmas celebrations.The Forever Parks Foundation will host this year’s Tour de Lites Short Ride Money scheduled for 5;30 p.m. Saturday Dec. 12.This is the 27th year for the outdoor family oriented event in which participants of all ages hop on bikes to ride from Independence Park to the Green Tee Terrace subdivision a community known for its bright and festive holiday decorating.