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xysoom Nov 20 '20

Recently, WikiFX has received a complaint against FXTM in Nigeria. As per WikiFXs investigation, there is someone who pretended to be a staff from FXTM, running bitcoin business to defraud investors.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  An investor said he met Mrs Aisha on Instagram, who claimed she was an agent working at Nigerian capital FXTM trading. And the investor was told that a investment model could help him gain high profits by investing bitcoin within 45 minutes. Then, the investor invested 10,000 naira bitcoins and waited to get the 40k profits. However, he did not get the money that the agent promised after 45 minutes and even was asked to invest more if he wanted to take his money back. Finally, he invested a total of 135,000 naira through the bitcoin link given by Mrs Aisha. After that Mrs Aisha disappeared.
  Through the following transaction records, it can be seen that the money was transferred to three different bank accounts, which are not FXTM‘s official transaction accounts. Before, the investor also got a person’s contact information from Mrs Aisha. The person said he was Forextimes CEO, named ALONIPEKUN EBENEZER. When the investor asked the CEO how he could withdraw the money, the CEO replied that he needed to add extra 20,000 naira as his amount was not enough to carry out the withdrawal. The CEO also provided a license of FXTM regulated by the Commission Financial.

  In the end, the investor found that it was actually a hoax. The FXTM was never regulated by the Commission Financial. It is worth saying that the FXTM never runs cryptocurrency businesses such as BTC. After official confirmation, they just provides trading services like Forex, Spot Metals, CFDs etc.
All in all, the fraud team pretended to be staff from FXTM and attracted more peoples attention and trust. Here are some advice which make it easy to identify scams.
  1: Legal broker will not introduce you to their investment plans by the third-party social platform.
  2: Legal broker has official email address and customer service and will not contacts you by WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.
  3: Investment model with high profits is always a potential trap.
  4: Download WikiFX App to check a brokers score and credit.
  As a famous forex broker in the world, the FXTM can be trust and reliable. As for more information about the FXTM, such as basic information, regulatory information, MT4/5 identification, credit report etc, you can log in WikiFX official website or use WikiFX App.
  WikiFX publishes exposure articles regularly about illegal brokers who defrauded beginner investors maliciously. And all articles are based on victims real experience. The significance of exposing these illegal brokers is to enable more forex investors to identify whether the brokers they choose are good or bad and avoid being deceived again.

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