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martinedwaed Dec 9 '19

A payroll Tax Problems The IRS views failing woefully to pay payroll taxes item might be adjusted if it is determined that a payroll liability balance is incorrect and

has to be adjusted. Liability balance adjustments change the amounts that QuickBooks If you want to Adjust Payroll Liabilities then you may call our experts.

shows within the payroll reports. For Payroll liability adjustments not identified below, consult with

your QuickBooks Trainer or QuickBooks Administrator.

Usually do not change Payroll liability amount into the Liability check!

This will bring about an incorrect payroll liability ìamount

dueî or a liability overpayment within the Pay Payroll liability

screen. In certain instances, you may void the liability

check transaction when you look at the checking Register and re-select

the liabilities in the Pay Payroll Liability screen. Create a

new Check.

Consider Simple Adjustments first.

In the event that paycheck or Liability check will not be printed, then edit the right

employer or employee payroll item in the paycheck transaction.

 Double-click the employeeís paycheck transaction within the checking register.

 Select Paycheck Detail button.

 Change the appropriate employee or employer amounts at issue and then click OK.

 Save and close the paycheck transaction.

 Record your changes.

All related employee or employer expense and liability accounts will be adjusted.

If the paycheck has been created and assigned a check number  not delivered to

the employee, determine if it is necessary to void the paycheck and then recreate the

paycheck transaction.

 Click once into the employeeís paycheck transaction in the checking register.

 Select Edit from menu bar.

 Select Void Paycheck.

 Click on the Record button at bottom right of checking register.

 Write ìVoidî in the actual paycheck.

?Create a new paycheck when it comes to employee.

If the payroll liability check was made plus the paycheck was voided, the liability

check also will have to be voided.

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