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zhangzk Nov 19 '19

Hey Isaiah Buggs Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , so-called Steelers fans. Stop filling up , hashtag gibberish."Do me a favor, go to your Facebook page and read the comments of some article/video/news snippet on one of the various Steelers sites you follow, such as Behind The Steel Curtain or Steelers.com (Behind the Steel Curtain, preferably, because—full disclosure—I write for that site). What do you see? A plethora of posts like “#FireTomlin,” right? It doesn’t matter what news item is posted, either. It could be an article that discusses the team’s preseason schedulefor this summer, and literally within the first two comments, you’ll have a “#FireTomlin” thrown in that gets like 19,000 replies, with 14,000 of them also stating that they, too, want Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the team since 2007, to be fired. What is it with these so-called fans? What kind of person who claims to love a team walks around with one negative note playing inside of his or her head over and over again? What kind of fan is super-obsessed with something like wanting the head coach fired? What kind of fan thinks this, and only this, is the solution to the team’s problems? Furthermore, what kind of fan thinks the Steelers problems are so bad that only the firing of the head coach will allow them to sleep well at night? What kind of fan of the Steelers Isaiah Buggs Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , one who is well-aware of the way the Rooney family does business, actually thinks this will happen at any point in the immediate future? First of all, the Rooneys haven’t conducted business this way since before the 1970s, when they would do such things like select a player with their first-round draft pick simply because they liked a picture they saw of him. Second of all, it’s mid-April; since when do teams fire head coaches just days before the NFL Draft? Do you really think Art Rooney II, the team’s president and majority owner, is really paying attention to you and your one-note sideshow comments, Mr. Guy Who Posts Foghorn Leghorn Memes All Day Long And Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Loose and Lose? Anyway, this article isn’t necessarily about the merits of Tomlin—do you think he should be on the hot seat next season? Who cares? (Seriously, who focuses on that kind of stuff in mid-April?) It’s more about those toxic fans, the people who do nothing but post negative stuff on social media—mainly Facebook—day after day.Why bother if the team makes you so grumpy? I know what you’re going to say, “Hey, I ain’t even a fan. These Steelers-related posts just keep appearing on my news feed.” OK, so you, a grown-up, don’t like something, and your way of dealing with this is to continuously write hashtag gibberish and other incoherent things that make you seem insane? You may also say this, “Well, for your information, Tony Isaiah Buggs Jersey 2019 , I’m a huge Steelers fan, and if you met me in person, you’d know that I’m actually pretty reasonable and rational.” First of all, I don’t want to meet you in person; you scare me. Second of all, reasonable and rational people don’t trash the comments section of an article about the Steelers giving to charity. Third of all, you fall for my April Fool’s articles every single time, which brings me back to you scaring me. Fourth of all, reasonable and rational fans aren’t obsessed with being negative about a sports franchise—they’re too busy enjoying the hell out of that franchise. Speaking of enjoying a franchise (or just the opposite of that), ever investigate the Facebook pages of some of these so-called Steelers fans? If you actually do visit one of these pages, you may see a photo from 2016 of someone getting his picture taken with Mean Joe Greene. Another person may have posted a photo of her baby clad in black and gold the day of Pittsburgh’s big playoff game in 2015. So, what suddenly went wrong? What made these people—people with very recent evidence of being super fans—snap? Was it built up angst from not winning a Super Bowl for a decade? Is that the only thing that makes certain fans happy? How can you go from loving a team with all of your heart to trolling every Steeler-related site? Sorry not sorry if this seems preachy, but if you’re not one of those people described in this article, you shouldn’t be offended. If you are, please, feel free to be offended. What do I care? You add no value to the fan experience. You add no intelligent discussion to any Steeler-related topic. You can’t possibly be a fan if you’re miserable about the team 24/7. Finally, if you think Mike Tomlin is on the hot seat for 2019, I got news for you. He’s the head coach of a popular NFL team. When he’s not doing that, he’s giving his free time to worthwhile causes andbringing awareness to human trafficking. All you do all day is post “#FireTomlin” on any Steelers-related news-item that pops up on your Facebook page.You do know your boss can probably see that, right? I’d say you’re more likely to be fired in 2019 than Mike Tomlin is. Ben Roethlisberger is well versed in the drill. When things go well, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is quick to deflect praise elsewhere.And when they don't Cheap Isaiah Buggs Jersey , he's just as quick to shoulder the responsibility regardless of how many yards he passes for or touchdowns he throws."We take these losses on us as an offense, and me as a leader of the offense, I take it on myself that we haven't done enough to score enough points to win football games," Roethlisberger said Wednesday. "So, offensively we need to be better and we will be better."Thing is, on paper Pittsburgh's offense looks fine. The Steelers (1-2-1) are a respectable sixth in total yards and 10th in points heading into Sunday's visit from Atlanta (1-3).The problem is the success has come in fits and spurts. Consistency has been elusive. For every 21-point flurry 鈥?such as the one against Kansas City in Week 2 that helped them escape from an early hole 鈥?there have been large swathes of meh.And while coach Mike Tomlin is frustrated by his team's slow starts 鈥?the Steelers have been outscored 42-6 in the first quarter 鈥?the finishes haven't been great either. Pittsburgh has just one fourth-quarter touchdown through four games, a 3-yard dive by Roethlisberger in the waning moments against the Chiefs.The Steelers often look dynamic and vulnerable in the same half, a sporadic juggernaut that doesn't exactly have Atlanta Falcons defensive end Takk McKinley overly concerned. The brash second-year player is eager to get a look at Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and the rest of a team coming off its worst September in five years."Big Ben, you know, he's one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he hasn't seen Takk McKinley, and that's just me being honest," said McKinley, who already has five sacks this season. "So, great quarterback and respect him, but he hasn't seen me."There's no specific area that's lacking for the Steelers, though the running game has gone silent for long stretches since James Conner piled up 135 yards and two touchdowns in the opener against Cleveland. Rock bottom 鈥?at least what the Steelers hope is rock bottom 鈥?came last week against Baltimore when Pittsburgh managed just 19 yards rushing on 11 carries."I know everybody wants to see the run game and trust me, as an offensive lineman, we want to see it to Morgan Burnett Jersey ," Pouncey said. "It's early in the season, things will come along."The anticipated arrival of All-Pro Le'Veon Bell 鈥?who told ESPN earlier this week he plans to report later this month 鈥?should help.Of course, that's predicated on Bell not changing his mind in the interim. Until Bell's familiar No 26 goes from hanging idly in the locker room to the field, Conner will continue to do his part. The issue is a lack of chances.The Steelers ran the ball just three times in the second half against Baltimore even though the game was tied at the break. That's not exactly a firm commitment to taking some of the load off Roethlisberger's considerable shoulders and giving the NFL's 30th-ranked defense a true breather.Still, there's also a point where running it for the sake of running it reaches a point of diminishing returns."You don't want to run into a brick wall, that's idiotic as a team," Ramon Foster said. "We've got to be a team that understands the situation we are put in and maximize those."That includes creating a cleaner pocket for Roethlisberger to work in. The 36-year-old has been erratic at times. He was brilliant in the first half against Tampa Bay two weeks ago 鈥?when he threw three touchdowns to help stake the Steelers to a 20-point lead 鈥?and all over the place in the second half against the Ravens as they consistently disrupted his timing."There's a couple of times on film, if Ben didn't have a little bit of pressure, AB is going across the middle wide open," Foster said. "The thing that is going to help us more is just owning up to what we're doing and taking care of the small pieces."Having a defense that doesn't seem to find its footing until after it has given up multiple scores isn't helping. The Steelers have allowed opponents to score first in each of the past three games, developments that have rendered portions of offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner's game plan moot.Not that Roethlisberger wants to talk about it. Yes the offense has been forced to play catch-up a lot. But it's not as if there's no time left on the clock when these outbursts happened. Pittsburgh tied Baltimore with 2:50 left in the first half and didn't score again. That can't happen, particularly in a season where more points are being scored than ever before.There's time to get it fixed, yes. Just not as much as there was."We're looking at this next week and trying to get a win because that's all that really matters," Roethlisberger said. "If this has to happen it's better to have it early in the season than middle or late in the season."NOTES: LB Vince Williams (hamstring) and WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (ankle). ... S Morgan Burnett (groin) was limited. ... CB Mike Hilton (elbow) was a full participant, as was K Chris Boswell (left foot). ... Pouncey, Roethlisberger and CB Joe Haden were given the day off.