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xysoom Oct 7 '19

Happy MUT Season everyone! I wanted to share with you guys some tips to start the MUT year off on the right foot or left foot. I know there are some lefties out there. Here you’ll find several key tips as you begin your MUT experience for Madden 20.NHL Coins

Skills Trainer Packs
- A good way to brush up on your Madden game, or learn some new things, is through the Skills Trainer. You can find it under Exhibition on the main menu of the game.
- Get up to 12 MUT packs and all of the items in the pack are auctionable, which is super nice for low-money-spent teams.

Where are my playbooks?
- In the Store under the Team Items tab, you can purchase an Offensive or Defensive Playbook Fantasy Pack for 150 Training.
- Alternate Offensive and Defensive Playbook Fantasy Packs are also available for 150 Training in the same section.

What X-Factor and Superstar Abilities can my players get?
- Fairly complex question, but here’s a link to a complete breakdown of which Archetype can get which ability, as well as descriptions for both X-Factor and Superstar Abilities:
Google Drive Sheet
I highly recommend you bookmark the link for easy reference.want know more fut coins news Read More

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