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Gera Jun 13 '19
My friend wants to put all of his money in a casino...

Is he mad? I always hear that after people get addicted to casinos they lose all the money that they have  I just don't understand why my friend wants to take so much risk of course it's up to him to decide but I'm very nervous about it.

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Nic Jun 14 '19
Yes it's not good because I think that your friend just needs too much money and he doesn't want to borrow or ask someone for help that's why he decided to try his luck in a casino .Unfortunately, I can say that this is the only good option it really seems to me like he is addicted to it.
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Quarto Rocku
Quarto Rocku Jun 14 '19
It's a controversial question you friend can decide whether to play it or not . However if he wants to play just for pleasure so I think he won't get addicted to it but some people play because they want to earn money this way. It's not right. Sometimes I gamble but I do it just for fun no more. It gives me pleasure.
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Nic Jun 14 '19
What if he ..isn't mad but maybe he is addicted.. I also play but I do it just for fun. Maybe you should explain to him that it's importnat to play such games just to get some fun. No more.
valedo Sep 4 '19
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