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leablack May 21

In many countries around the world, most people believe that Japanese men are one of the sexiest men in the world and have all kinds of sex and hobbies. On the one hand, the sex industry in Japan is very developed, especially the sex videos that men usually see, most of them from Japan. Second, apart from the sex between Japanese men and their favorite women, how else do they solve their inner sexual fantasies?

Dutch sailors during the 16th century used sex doll for companionship during their long voyage in sea to prevent loneliness because women were not allowed on ships. Dutch traders sold some of these sex dolls to the Japanese during the 16th century, which the Japanese dubbed “Dutch Wives”.

During the period of 16th-18th century, the Dutch were one of the most advanced European nations and the Japan was eager to learn from them and adopted the use of cheap sex dolls. Japan has since made major improvements to them. There is no doubt that they decided to buy more silicone dolls and use them as second women, often accompanied by them.

In order to meet the special needs of Japanese men, Japanese companies continue to introduce new products that respond to the erotic psychology of Japanese men. Recently, a Japanese company has launched a new type of lifelike sex dolls that allows Japanese men to discover the beauty of women. I have not left the house around the world.