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IT issues at Hefty Hardware Company
Name of student
Course Title
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鈥?br > 1) Articulate the key Business challenges facing Hefty.
The departments of Hefty stores lack formal cooperation and communication and hence limiting their performance in efficiently performing to enhance its mission accomplishment. Poor communication gets symbolized when the Chief Communication Officer, Farzad Mohammed declines the request by Glen to that would have assisted the company as the team would learn from other stores as well as understand what the business aims to accomplish. Farzad even decided to send Jenny and an intern for the field trip which was so critical to company鈥檚 operations.
The IT department is significantly underperforming [url=]James Milner Jersey UK[/url] , and its operations do not strive to improve customer experience. The IT department at Hefty stores lacks the adequate personnel to undertake functions that assist in business functions. The IT department staff are not competent enough to improve the performance of the company, as other departments get dissatisfied with their level of knowledge and experience with various concerns such how warehouses functions. The IT department in the company does not effectively contribute to the implementation of its business strategy. Other departments blame the IT department for not assisting them to be more flexible as well as developing means of delivering new products and services to clients quickly and in a cost-effective manner. The IT department was operating in its technical world rather than cooperating with other departments to deliver company鈥檚 vision. It resulted in the dissatisfaction of various company employees such as Glen Vogel the Chief Operating Officer, who attributed the lack of cooperation between IT and the business to this concern.
The company senior managers did not support the subordinate employees in developing strategies to improve company operations. Paul Gutierez expresses his disappointment at the outcome of a new technology meeting between marketing and the R & D team. Cheryl [url=]Dejan Lovren Jersey UK[/url] , the Vice President, and the team did not listen to the entire demonstration of the cell phone technology by Paul and its capabilities in marketing. Farzad was also not helpful after receiving Paul鈥檚 complaints (McKeen & Smith, 2012). The company hence had a weak relationship with employees that did not promote mutual benefit.
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