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james123 Dec 22 '18

When you are watching a movie and found that the spray thrown up on the screen characters Wholesale Thaddeus Young Jersey , it seems like to be sprayed into your body in general. Came to department stores, electronic billboards in the models if you like a side catwalk, you can not help but slower to catch on the ads looked good. Home to open the computer, play with your favorite racing video game, because the feeling of real overtaking turns make you feel extremely enjoyable of these scenes are not very curious and yearning for it? In fact, this is the recent hot topic in the global spread: 3D three dimensional images.

From 2009 onwards, with 3D three dimensional effects for film and television programs and electronic products, like the springing up around us in general make a mark. In the film Wholesale Domantas Sabonis Jersey , for example, in 2009 there are 17 3D stereoscopic film released, including Monsters vs. Aliens , A Christmas Carol and other computer animation, as well as James Cameron s sci fi amazing new momentum to make Avatar . The 3D film is not only visually stunning box office performance is equally bright, now total more than 1.3 billion.3C and the major manufacturers, but also have started launching with 3D stereoscopic display technology. In December 2009 in Taipei, the information on Wholesale Jeff Teague Jersey , on the first set up 3D Zone 3D display new products to manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Acer and Asustek s 3D notebook, Fujifilm s 3D camera, Sony s 46 inch 3D TV and Nvidia display glasses and so on, attracted a lot of crowds to visit the venue has also become the focus of most attention.

This 3 D tornado also blew a video website.YouTube declares in July, 2009 starts supporting the 3 D format film, as long as upload YouTube and plus label the film supporting a Parallel 3 D format, can immediately appreciate 3 D stereoscopic film on YouTube.The 3 D the stereoscopic image is more and more popular Wholesale Monta Ellis Jersey , we also swim with the tide, let everyone more easily watch and enjoy 3 D image, YouTube supervisor means.

The 3 Ds is already the trend of there can be no returnning backs, Howard Stringer emphasizes that this set railroad train will soon go toward everybody s in home start.

However, the 3 D stereoscopic technique doesn t just have recently and in fact and very early starts throwing in a research for someone. Pursuing trueer sense of vision experience is the mankind s basic need. Too very video science and technology vice president, Yang Zong Zhe, of the company points out, be like movie from have no voice to across to go into to have a voice and across color from the black and white Wholesale Rodney Stuckey Jersey , the mankind will look for to let the image become stereoscopic principle and method from the flat surface, in fact is a very natural matter.

But the 3 Ds hatches for several years and breaks cocoon but key that becomes a hot Jay Z recently and then comes from video number technical universality, and science and technology manufacturer s to the difference turns of pursue.Yang Zong Zhe points out that in recent years advancing by leaps and bounds of calculator function, let creation and processing of image exceed into a number to turn ages, and can carry out more complicated operation and design, make manufacturers, such as video and game...etc. in taking and after expecting and creating, more easily do the effect of 3 Ds.

In addition Wholesale Aaron Brooks Jersey , because of the LCD maturity and universality, display industry manufacturer for turning with rival difference, promote the additional value of product, as a result constantly pursue a technical progress, for example the quality of the front panel, reaction the speed be continuously promoted, image storage of the equipments also get stripe from DVD for blue light, these related techniques develop gradually good enough Wholesale C.J. Miles Jersey , also for 3 Ds of rising lay foundation.

2 Ds shows that the technique keeps on to upwards promote, it at the right moment lets the 3 Ds comply with the surrounding to take to get on the car. Taiwanese work grinds hospital electronics and the pair bureau chief Diao in optoelectronics graduate school country analysis.The China reflects to take care of vice president Chen only Lang then mean, regardless to the manufacturer or the consumer, the 3 Ds can create new additional value, therefore also drew on related manufacturer to throw in in succession.

The 3 D is stereoscopic to show that the technique is mainly divided into two greatest categories currently, 1 type needs to be worn glasses, 1 type is a naked eye type what beard don t wear glasses, among them with the technique development of wear glasses type more mature Wholesale Al Jefferson Jersey , appreciate effect also better.As for the application with 3 Ds, the SONY consumption electronics product marketing headquarters general manager big three think, main meeting with need to spend the contents that time devotes one s minds devotion for big believe in, for example film, athletics program or game.Chen Guang Lang points out then that being like figures photograph, public information suggests, is also the applied market that has a potential rather.

Chen Guang Lang points out further that game or appreciate personal market like the CD film, more is value to the image effect Wholesale Cory Joseph Jersey , will with the 3 D technique for wearing glasses is main current, but naked eye type of 3 Ds then mainly use is advertising a card to wait public situation, and number frame etc.. The five years internal help should be a trend like this. Chen Guang Lang means.

In 2009 at after the Cape, the Zhan dew head in world s 3 D industry may have the development to break sex in 2010.American CES soon hold in this January consumption electronics big exhibition, sponsor the United States consumes an electronics product the association mean that the 3 Ds is this a meeting one of the focus of the exhibition, and the future development is very worth to expect. 2010 will be a 3 D take off of a Everyone is maki. Jerseys Cheap   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NFL Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Football Jerseys