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lily Nov 8 '18
Only Fu Luo the rare Luo man rejoice with wild joy in the heart, although in Afghanistan planted greatly heel head, finally on the whole is seized kabul.So he leans against this"achievement" to promote all the way, the head batch commander-in-chief even drafting teaches to also have him in the title list.Knowing the boon has to hope to repay and see Stalin's quick temper just Adam Thielen Women Jersey prosperous, he immediately comes forward assurance:"The total secretary pleases trust, the troops' comrades all really support your to talk, I will definitely speed up to carry on restructuring with all strength, will incubate in the reactionaries of troops inner part to all clear." "It is very good.Please turn to tell diagram to admire to slice man Si a radicle a comrade, want to strengthen constructing of military equipment and develop for this period of time, the Red Army not only only wants to excel an enemy on the thought, but also needs to overbear opponent on the weapon quality and the amount!The situation in nowadays than white bandit the period is more dangerous, material and amount up have to work well the preparation that struggles with enemy at several everyone's noodleses at the same time!You open after returning to meeting, my Dalvin Cook Women Jersey preparation again increase 30 infantry divisions, here the noodles at least have to have 5 tank teachers, the airplane amount of manufacturings wants to turn over times.You have to remember, then only more airplane big guns can make the enemy shut up, only then the bayonet can ensure Su Wei Ai the stability of the political power!" 30 infantry divisions!5 tank teachers!Does the airplane amount of manufacturings want to turn over times?!Add an inside rather and don't give Luo man is far from good towards seeing one eye, in the mind dark way.Because they discover, Stalin's emotion and status are obviously not in the right!Want to know these several years local military expenses expenditure because the troops equip Harrison Smith Women Jersey aging always far away leading international community, have already resulted in to the domestic development under not wealthy circumstance in the nation not small troublesome, 30 teachers according to drawing up about is 50 ten thousand-600,000 open mouth Ba!This needs how much , do the second five yearses plan how to do? "The total secretary trusts, I will definitely do okay." Although Fu Luo rare Luo man ambition greatly just Shu, what Stalin favored is him obedient, the means is also enough tactful, this needs most currently.To know that he has already made a decision wait Kirk Cousins Women Jersey cleaning of government section be over, will deal with the rebel of troops inner part.As for 30 teachers Be just square ones, he has already been greatly surrounded to incense by the imperialism, so his viewpoint is till 1938, at least 4,000,000-5,000,000 troops just go around. However is cleaning troops, before establishment unifies the line of battle call proletariat in the world protection Soviets, have to clean up internal reactionaries first, also want to ensure a stability most at least, otherwise easily inside outside's launching on the contrary will encounter to round Jiao, so Stalin's vision falls a leaf again if man body up.