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Salesforce tutorial for beginners #salesforcecourse #h1bvisajobsHave you ever been assigned to work on a new project that you didn’t really k...

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#businessanalysttutorial #salesforcecourse #h1bvisajobs

Have you ever been assigned to work on a new project that you didn’t really know anything about? This happens to all Business Analysts throughout their careers and it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry my friend you are not the only one anxious at the beginning of a project. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience or if you just a newbie. At the beginning of a project we are all anxious.  

1. Come on time and be ready! 

The very first assignment should be done so well that it not only pleases your team leader but demonstrates to stakeholders that you possess the ability to clearly detail the business needs and value-added approaches to deriving a solution.

When I changed my job of over 18 years to take up a job in an institution that I knew little about, one of my first assignments was to assist the insurance arm of the business in implementing an electronic document management system. I started by understanding the process from existing team members, then went on to observe the process to prepare a presentation with best practice information to show team members time and cost savings they would achieve by implementing such a system. I also provided high-level process flows and steps showing the integration of the document management system in the business’s workflow.

I will not tell you that it was smooth sailing, but the quality of my work was apparent, and the stakeholders were able to use the information to present their case to the Board of Directors, who approved of the electronic document management system.

2. Go above and beyond the call of duty.

While completing the task of assisting with the online document management system, the business was thinking of having clients complete and submit a form online, which they would use to give the client an estimated insurance quote. So I took the opportunity and did the additional work to show the business how an online insurance quote system would provide clients with even greater value instantaneously while obtaining contact information that the business could use to follow up and sell their services.

3. Determine which project phase the project is currently in.

Initiation Phase: If you are lucky, you will start right at the beginning of the project. This means very few people really know very much about the project and you are not the only one who doesn’t know what is going on! It is also a great time to be assigned because you will understand ‘the whole story’ of the project as it unfolds. 

Analysis Phase: Very often this is the phase that most business analysts join a project.  The main reason is that this is the phase during which the Business Requirements are being gathered, analyzed and documented. It is also typically the Phase after formal approval for the project has been obtained. 

So you goal is to get familiar with the stage the project is at and the main deliverables that has been created.


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