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Advancements in Heavy-Duty Modular Trailers for Oversized Loads


Heavy-duty modular trailers play a crucial role in transporting oversized and exceptionally heavy loads. These specialized vehicles are designed to handle the most complex transport tasks efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and applications of heavy-duty modular trailers.Get more news about Heavy Duty Modular Trailer,you can vist our website!

Features of Heavy-Duty Modular Trailers

Combinable Modules: The modular system allows for flexible combinations of transport modules with 2-6 axle lines. These modules can be used both off-road and on-road, making them versatile for various transport requirements1.
Wide Range of Configurations: Heavy-duty modular trailers come in different configurations, allowing taller cargo to sit closer to the road. By sharing the load over more axles and a larger area, they achieve various ground pressures. This flexibility enables transport operators to choose the best configuration for their specific needs.
Three Operational Modes:
Trailer Mode ™: The most common mode for on-road and off-road applications. Trucks pull or push the trailer using a drawbar system or a gooseneck. Travel speeds of up to 80 km/h are possible.
Assist-Propelled Mode (AP): Efficient drive system for both on-road and off-road transport. Wheel motors provide high driving force when needed, and the axles switch to freewheel mode at higher speeds.
Self-Propelled Mode (SP): Ideal for in-plant and off-road transports. Power Pack Units supply energy to drive axles, allowing movement of loads weighing several thousand tons1.
Benefits and Applications

Flexibility: Modular trailers offer seamless interoperability, allowing transport operators to adapt to different load requirements. Whether it’s split modules or open compound vehicle groups, these trailers provide flexibility in configuration3.
Motorized Axles: The availability of motorized axles (both on and off) enhances maneuverability and load distribution. Operators can optimize axle usage based on terrain and load conditions1.
Accessories: A full range of accessories complements heavy-duty modular trailers. From specialized ramps to custom extensions, operators can tailor the trailers to their specific needs1.
Corrosion Protection: High-level manufacturing ensures durability, and heavy-duty trailers come with the best corrosion protection available in the market1.

Heavy-duty modular trailers continue to evolve, meeting the demands of oversized and challenging transport tasks. As technology advances, we can expect even more innovative solutions in this field.

Remember, when moving massive loads, heavy-duty modular trailers are the backbone of efficient logistics. Their adaptability, motorized axles, and corrosion-resistant design make them indispensable for heavy haulage.