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stefenluo Apr 20

 Regarding the model naming of CNC machining centers, each manufacturer's method is different. Each machining center manufacturer has its own model naming rules. CNC machining centers are generally distinguished according to their models in terms of travel.


  The name of the CNC machining center model: 850 machining center, the main parameters of the standard refer to the three-axis travel. X-axis: 800 mm, Y-axis: 500mm, Z-axis: 500mm.

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  It is often seen that the English letters VMC and XHS in front of them represent wire gauges, and XH represent hard gauges.


  Although various manufacturers now call this model, the actual itinerary has changed somewhat. Some companies cut corners, made the equipment smaller, and sold it according to this model. The stroke of Shandong Haite CNC 850 is 900*500*500, making the equipment bigger and making it more affordable for customers to use.

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