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xysoom Dec 21 '20

A perforated metal screen shades the plywood interiors of a performing arts centre for a college in Victoria, Australia, by Branch Studio Architects.To get more news about Perforated metal facade cladding, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

Called the Arts Epicentre, the new structure houses Caroline Chisholm Catholic College’s drama, dance and music departments.The perforated screen that shades the west and south elevations from the sun is based on an unfurled piano roll.

When the perforations are translated into notes they play the music for Nacio Herb Brown’s ‘Singing in the Rain’.The Arts Epicentre replaces a demolished 1960s convent building that had been subject to unsuccessful adaptations over the years.

Above the central performance space, four plywood skylights based on a dome structure from the old convent.The ground floor is clad in brickwork to the south, in reference to an adjacent house, and facing the school to the west are a run of concrete columns.

The upper floor extends slightly towards the southwest, shading the colonnade below and providing the first floor views views out over the campus.Black wool curtains that can be used to completely isolate the performance areas from the outside, creating a play between light and dark.

Facing the church that accompanied this convent, the Arts Epicentre opens up to a large courtyard and amphitheatre with a dramatic 15 metre-wide folding door of glass and steel.In the corner of this space, a matte black spiral staircase underneath a fifth skylight leads up to the first floor, where a more enclosed series of spaces house music studios and multi-purpose classrooms.

jedacandy Dec 22 '20
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