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A romance novel is a work of extended prose fiction with a theme of love. According to the Romance Writers of America, a romance novel must have a central focus on the development of a romantic relationship between two people. The other criteria for a romance novel is that it must have an emotional throughline and build to an optimistic conclusion.To get more news about Read Fantasy Novels Online For Free, you can visit freewebnovel official website.
A Brief History of Romance Novels
Romance novels can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece, with five surviving stories centered on romantic love from this time. Samuel Richardson’s 1740 novel Pamela is also a precursor for the modern romance novel. In the nineteenth century, romance novels rose to prominence with the popular works of Jane Austen, whose novel Pride and Prejudice greatly influenced the genre.
The British publisher Mills & Boon began releasing romance novels in the 1930s through subscription services. Harlequin Enterprises, a Canada-based publisher, started distributing Mills & Boon titles in North America in the 1950s. The publishing houses merged in 1971 when Harlequin bought Mills & Boon, and romance novels were then mass marketed to women in drug stores and supermarkets. Harlequin/Mills & Boon continued monthly book services to sell series directly to readers.
2 Types of Romance Novels
There are two types of romance novels with differing formats.
The category romance, also known as series romance, is issued as part of a sequential collection. The numbered books are released at regular intervals, usually monthly. Books in the series may share characters, similar themes, or settings. Harlequin/Mills & Boon is the largest distributor of category romance novels. Category romance novels are no more than 200 pages long. Successful category romance stories are tightly focused on the central love story, and subplots and minor characters are part of backstory.
The single-title romance is a novel that not published as part of a delineated line of books. These run longer, typically between 350 and 400 pages. Single-title romances are not always stand alone works, and can sometimes be connected to other stories or characters as part of an author’s own long-running series.