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xysoom Nov 25 '20

We work closely with architects or distributors to ensure that they get the finish they want. Many of our clients need the decorative mesh meeting their unique design; we are very pleased to supply you with qualified product that meeting your various needs.To get more news about decorative metal mesh, you can visit official website.
1: With our production experience, we are very pleased to work with you closely for developing new designs.
2: We offer plating services and finishing services. We offer variations in color such as gold, silver, brass, antique bronze, and chrome in a variety of luster including dull, bright and satin.

Decorative Crimped Woven Mesh Applications:
1: Round Crimp Decorative Mesh is used for decorative, architectural and commercial applications, its uses includes furniture cabinets, grills and home decoration, etc.
2: The decorative mesh with plated colors is recommended for indoor uses, such as cabinets and entertainment centers.
3: The decorative mesh with natural colors can be used both indoor and outdoor uses, such as vents grills and motif applications.

Decorative Crimped Woven Mesh Available Colors:
1: Natural colors: Brass, Bronze, Stainless,
2: Plated colors: Brass, Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Nickel, Silver, Gold, etc.