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xysoom Nov 20 '20

SNOW 5319 is a neighborhood living facility construction built in the back alley that has stepped back from the border between the bustling Nonhyeon-dong and Cheongdam-dong. An alley with a mixture of old and newly built buildings (that are no longer maintained) is a place where diversity and congestion coexist. From bricks to stone tiles and concrete exposures, the exterior wall materials and color selection used in the building was a difficult task in this alley affecting the landscape with various exterior wall materials. Through constant meetings with the owners, the color of the exterior wall was decided as white, which can be the basis of the structure as it is, and white will serve as a milestone in the landscape of the alley.To get more news about metal mesh sheets, you can visit official website.

The owner couples, who run their design company, wanted simple and concise for their building. The issue was, the direction of the new building considering the shape of the city street and the requirements of the owner, and white was proposed as the exterior wall material and overall color through many meetings with the owner. To further enhance the simplicity of white, 3mm ceramic tiles with light and thin physical properties were decided as exterior wall materials, and for some layers, aluminum expanded metal and polycarbonate, similar to the properties of white, was used.

While addressing Northward architectural slant line restriction for daylight and various restrictions in the residential area as maximizing the exclusive living space, the shadows of the masses on each floor were exquisitely adjusted to give the building a richer depth to the scenery of the alley. And the gaze would stay on the street. The mass on the second floor was slightly twisted towards the road to be a milestone. The space that was pushed out on each floor created by the architectural slant line restriction for daylight was transformed of an external terrace that can be used independently by the residents.

Lolita Dec 21 '20
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