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xysoom Nov 15 '20

Israel will soon offer coronavirus testing at its main international airport, something authorities hope will speed the revival of air travel.To get more news about shanghai coronavirus cases, you can visit shine news official website.

Passengers at Ben Gurion International Airport will be able to pay around $13 for a test and get results within 14 hours, with faster testing methods on offer in the coming weeks. Authorities say labs at the airport will be able to process 20,000 tests per day. Passengers can register starting Thursday and the testing booths open Sunday.

Visiting the facility on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it can “help us get back to a better, quicker and more efficient aviation routine,” adding that “we want to renew Israel’s link to the world.”Israel is gradually emerging from its second nationwide lockdown since the pandemic began. The country has reported nearly 320,000 cases, including 2,674 deaths.

An earlier lockdown last spring largely succeeded in containing the outbreak, but cases surged over the summer after authorities reopened too quickly. At one point, Israel, with a population of just 9 million, had one of the world’s worst outbreaks on a per capita basis.

Authorities plan to gradually ease restrictions over several weeks following the second lockdown, which began in mid-September and was partially lifted last month.Albania on Monday decided to apply a three-week night curfew and closure of bars and restaurants to prevent a further spread of the virus.

Health authorities decided to stop people’s move and close the restaurants and cafes from 10 p.m. (2100 GMT) t0 6 a.m. (0500 GMT). During those hours people may strictly move only for work purpose, health emergencies or necessary needs, they said.

Medical experts also advised that the public employees work from home.Wearing masks indoors and outdoors is mandatory, too.

The new steps start to be applied on Wednesday, Nov, 11 and will be reviewed every week.Albania has noted a significant increase of the daily new confirmed cases in the last month, reaching a record of 501 new cases on Sunday.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has registered 176 cases per 100,000 people in the last two weeks in Albania, compared to 69 a month ago.The World Health Organization predicted it might “fundamentally change the direction of the pandemic” by March, when it hopes to start vaccinating high-risk groups against the coronavirus and rolling out massive numbers of rapid tests.

During a meeting of its member states, the U.N. health agency’s senior adviser Dr. Bruce Aylward called the interim results announced Monday by Pfizer and BioNTech about its experimental shot appearing to be 90% effective “a substantive step forward.”

“By March, as a result of the extraordinary work happening, we could be in a position to fundamentally change the direction of this crisis,” Aylward said, citing work done to increase vaccine manufacturing capacity, research on diagnostic tests and COVID-19 treatments. He said the preliminary results announced by Pfizer and BioNTech “should hold great promise for the entire world.”

Aylward said WHO’s next priority is to ensure that vaccines might be shared equitably — even though rich countries have reserved the majority of the world’s global supply. He said WHO has been working with countries to increase their vaccine delivery systems and said officials are “on the verge of having the readiness in place to roll out doses for the highest risk populations around the world in the first quarter of next year.”