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Steffan Johnson
Steffan Johnson Nov 19 '19

How to Resolve QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060


While dealing with QuickBooks Point of Sale, it is extremely more likely to face QuickBooks Error 100060. This means that the device was unable to produce the required accounts. This error may occur because of a number of reasons. However, there are numerous how to troubleshoot this error all on your own. First, herels how to identify it:

While running the program, the subscribed users will dsicover the following message flash through to their screen LError: 100060 QuickBooks POS could not generate some essential accounts in QuickBooks.

There may be various causes that may trigger QuickBooks Error 100060:

Although you make your first fiscal exchange with all the Point of Sale, it's possible that may be an energetic account has already been running in QuickBooks Desktop package

The subscribed user can be logged into QuickBooks Desktop presently but does not have appropriate administrator permissions. If you want to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 100060then you may contact our experts.

We are able to, however, troubleshoot QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Error 100060 very easily through the next easy steps:

If the first cause this is certainly in the list above holds true, then we follow the following protocol:

Open QuickBooks

Initially run QuickBooks

Click on LEditl then select the right preferences and then go to LAccountingl

Click on LOkl

From the QuickBooks Point of Sale, carry out a Financial Exchange.

Click on LEditl then select the appropriate LPreferencesl and then go to LAccountingl

Now, click on LCompany Preferencesl and check the LUse Account Numberl checkbox to activate the Account number attribute

Finally, click on LOkl

If the second cause this is certainly listed above holds true, then we stick to the following protocol:

Go directly to the Point of Sale Company Preferences and click on LCancell

In Quickbooks POS, choose LFilel then close LCompany/Log Offl

Go through the LOpenl option from the LNo Companyl tab

Log into the company files once the administrator, select LWindowsl and then exit from all

Finally, beneath the LFinancial Preferencesl tab, choose LAccountsl and then confirm that all accounts below the LBasicl and also the LAdvancedl tab are not enclosed in any kinds of brackets

If the accounts are enclosed in virtually any kinds of brackets underneath the ôBasicl or LAdvancedl tab, we proceed with the following protocol:

Go to QuickBooks app and look for LListsl option, choose LChart of Accountsl

Regarding the lower left an element of the screen seek out the LAccountsl option and click on it.

Choose LNewl (this will open the account options you wish to open)

Select a proper account category and assign an appropriate name to it. Fill in all other required additional details

Click LOkl then exit from the LChart of Accountsl

Finally head to Point of Sale, exit from the LCompany Preferencesl tab and reopen it.

Select accounts to verify both LBasicl and LAdvancedl account options. This time around you wonlt find any brackets.

You can now carry out of the protocol suitable for troubleshooting according to your error cause.