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Steffan Johnson
Steffan Johnson Nov 18 '19

Fixing QuickBooks Email Problems

My first thought was ìdummy, I misspelled the password,î and thus Iíll enter it again. But, same result! Sometimes you can get in times where in actuality the only thing you can do is always to click on the Cancel button, which gives you this warning:

QuickBooks struggles to send your e-mails

At this stage the next thing many people do is always to go back to the Send Forms preferences to check out the settings for the Email account. If you edit the settings, you might be permitted to change the server name, port and SSL/TLS setting. To be honest, I have no idea the things I should change here (Iím glad that Intuit added a Reset Default button to revive the original values).

Editing the Email settings

Nothing that you could change here seems to make any difference. I canít get Google Email to work well with QuickBooks desktop. I see lots of people complaining concerning this issue.

The proceedings?

Fixing QuickBooks Email Problems

Why will QuickBooks make use of Email for a few people  not for other people?

Hereís a clue. In some instances you can find a contact from Google like the one below, which talks about an app that ìdoesnít meet modern security standards.î HmmmÖ.

Google Account security warning

In this day and age of hacker attacks on my online accounts, warnings such as this really concern me. I would like to know very well what is going on! Who is trying to break in to my Google account?

This message doesnít say that it was Email which was part of the problem. It doesnít say that QuickBooks had anything to do along with it. It will mention the time that this issue occurred, and that may be helpful to many people (I rarely focus on what time I became running a specific program when I ran into an error). It is a bit cryptic. And, Iíll keep in mind that in testing, I donít always understand this email. But, it does give me an idea. An ìappî tried to check in to my account. Like, maybe, QuickBooks wanting to log in with my Email username and passwords?

So, letís fix this dilemma.

Iíll go to to log on to my Google account. From the My Account page, Iíll go through the link for Connected apps & sites.

My Account in Google

There clearly was a section here titled Apps connected to your bank account, and you also might see Intuit QuickBooks listed. However, this is not what you need ñ who has to do with QuickBooks Online, if you have connected it to Email for the contact list. Ignore this.

Ignore this option

A little further down the page youíll find the thing you need (note, Google may rearrange this page whenever you want). Allow less secure apps. It really is set to ìOFF.î

Google Allow less secure apps setting

Iím going to click that button to create this to ON.

Google Allow less secure apps setting ON

Sounds a bit backwards, Iím turning ìless securityî to ìon.î Normally i might expect one to be turning higher security ìon,î but that'snít how Google set this up.

Now, letís return to QuickBooks and attempt to send that invoice using Email again. Success!!!

Sending Google Email with QuickBooks

Changing the Allow less secure apps setting ON in Google account settings is usually the option to fix this problem in QuickBooks. Every case where Iíve seen this problem first-hand, this has fixed the issue.

Needless to say, there was some concern here. Iím lowering the level of security that We have around my Google account. Not only my Email account, my entire Google account, because there is just one login to my account. Youíll get a warning message from Google that says ìPlease be aware that it is now easier for an assailant to break to your account.î Iím not certain that I like this.

Google security warning

I donít understand how many apps that I prefer with my Google account are influenced by this setting. I actually do use QuickBooks desktop for my companyís accounting, but I use Microsoft Outlook for sending forms and reports. I donít require the lower security for QuickBooks. I prefer to own a higher degree of security for my Google account.

However, I have other apps linked to this Google account, such as Outlook, QuickBooks Online, Trillian, Notability (for my iPad), plus some other Google apps. If I change this setting back again to a more secure level, will it affect other apps that Iím using?

The unfortunate response is that there are several apps that I use that require the low level security setting in Google. Darn it.

As companies like Google work to improve security, other developers need to play catch-up to modify their integrated products to complement the changes. That may take some time. Intuit is conscious of this issue and is addressing it, while they havenít provided any specifics on when an alteration may occur, or which QuickBooks products may be updated. If your Gmail Is Not Working In QuickBooks then you can contact our experts.

For the time being, at the least there was a workaround to have Email working. Hope this helps!