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xysoom Sep 19 '19
The way Incognito mode works is misunderstood by most of us. It is used to remove local data in the web browser session. While your ISP and the sites you visit can still monitor your online travels. That means that Incognito mode doesn’t make your online activity completely anonymous and secure.@¥#456!
However, Incognito mode is really valuable in many cases, and here are 5 reasons to use Incognito mode.
Log in to multiple accounts
The most common case is that you log in to multiple accounts through the Incognito window. For example, if you want to retrieve multiple e-mail accounts from the same service provider, you can open Incognito windows to retrieve all those e-mails at once. Or you may need to sign out of the email account first.
Use public computer
If you use public or other user’s computers to check Facebook account, other users share the same computer may be able to access your account. You should open an Incognito window to sign in to your Facebook account. After closing the window, your browser history and cookies will be deleted.
Watch YouTube
YouTube tracks all your activities on the platform. In this way, YouTube can provide users with recommended content based on their viewing habits. To prevent this from happening, just visit YouTube in an Incognito window.
Buy gifts
When you buy a gift for someone who lives with you, the recipient may accidentally find out your gift shopping. Using Incognito mode can avoid this. In Incognito mode, the websites you visit won’t be saved in the browsing history, so the recipient has no way to find out your gift purchase.
For serious business
Users often enjoy games and have fun on the Internet, but they sometimes get serious business to do, such as looking for information about divorce, health problems, mental health problems, etc. In this condition, they want the utmost privacy.
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