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xysoom Aug 12 '19

Medical elastic bandages and gauze bandages are commonly used medical consumable products, mainly used to treat wounds and prevent wound infections.medical gauze bandage

Elastic bandages mainly include ordinary elastic bandages and self-adhesive elastic bandages. Ordinary elastic bandages cannot be pasted, and the self-adhesive bandages are self-adhesive and can be attached and fixed. As the name implies, elastic bandages are elastic bandages that are mainly used to dress wounds and prevent wound infection. Surgery, orthopedics, varicose veins of the lower extremities, prevention of blood circulation caused by swelling of the limbs, and bandage of swollen diseases after removal of the cast of the extremities. The raw material of the gauze bandage is gauze. The gauze is made of cotton fiber of mature seeds which have not been repeatedly processed, and is woven into a plain cotton cloth by spinning, and then degreased, bleached and refined to form a non-fat gauze for medical use. Medical gauze products generally have the form of folding and reeling, and are mainly used for dressing and fixing of hospital wounds and home in vitro wound dressings.
So what is the difference between the use and function of elastic bandages and gauze bandages?
Elastic bandage:
It is mainly used for the fixation of patients with varicose veins and orthopedics in the lower extremities to improve blood circulation and prevent limb swelling. It can also replace the multi-head abdominal belt after surgery for pressure bandaging or general wound dressing in different parts of the human body. Elastic bandages are generally sold as non-sterile medical products. If an elastic bandage is used on the wound site, it should be considered for isolation from the wound. When you buy an elastic bandage, you should look at the appearance of the product. At present, the market elastic bandages are different in color, no yellow spots, no pollution, no serious weaving or broken wires.

Gauze bandage:
Need high temperature disinfection, chlorine and oxygen double bleaching, especially after disinfection to wrap the wound. To purchase regular medical gauze, the packaging is sterilized before leaving the factory. As long as the packaging is intact, it has no expiration date. It is safe, but it should be noted that if it is not used up after opening the package, it will be contaminated. Sterile gauze bandages can be used for blood-sucking and dressing applications. The whiteness of the gauze should not be less than 80 degrees.