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TurboTax is a highly efficient taxation software which has been efficiently used by several business firms all across the world. This software provides the users with several features which makes accounting profoundly simple. This software has aided small businesses and startups with the process of filing the taxes. Using this software does not require excellent accounting knowledge. Even after this software doing well in the market, there are specific issues that the users of TurboTax face. One such common problem that the users of TurboTax face are the Track fund issue. This has been a topic which has been grabbing everyone’s attention. The users can learn more about this issue by connecting with turbotax customer care.

How to track refund in TurboTax?

IRS is an essential aspect when it comes to tracking your refund. There are three stages of IRS, and there are; ‘Return Received, Return Approved, and Return Sent.’ Now when you would click on the file, you would be able to analyze the status of your refund.

It is crucial that the users understand that the Tax refund process takes time to process. The time taken by TurboTax to complete the process of refund is as stated below:

·         If there are ten e-filled tax returns, then at least nine of them with direct deposit would be processed in 21 days, using the e-file IRS acceptance.

·         The process of refund would be done in 6 to 8 weeks, from the date when the IRS receives your Tax payments.

TurboTax Track my refund process

·         The critical aspect that the users need to understand is that everything takes time, and so does the process of refund.

·         Once you file your e-file, you can check in between the duration of 24 to 48 hours.

·         You can also check using IRS and use the option of asking the question ‘Where is my refund?’

·         If you file a paper tax return then, you would not be able to check the status of your tax returns for four weeks.

·         There is a tool which is called ‘my refund tool’ available on IRS which would notify you with a message ‘Return Received’ once the process initiates.

·         Until IRS finishes processing your tax return or approves your tax refund, you would not be able to find a refund date.

·         Your status would change from Return Received to Return Approved after the process is completed by the IRS.

·         When your status changes from ‘Received to Approved’ you can then use the ‘Where is my refund?’ a tool to get a specific date for the refund.

·         When this tool gives you, the message ‘Refund sent’ then you must understand that IRS has sent your tax refund to your financial institution through a fixed deposit.

·         If you have opted to get the refund through the mail, it will take more time, like a week or so but for your financial institution, it would be done it 1-5 days.

If you find any issue in the steps stated, it would be ideal for you to connect with turbotax tech support. The users can avail professional help in this regard and find more suitable ways to attain the information that they are searching for.

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