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Installation errors in software programs are very common and routine. It is not a common issue to have installation problems with your software as these are caused due to certain faults in the network or due to hardware and software problems. And with QuickBooks, this is a very common occurrence and there are ways to fix it. To fix QuickBooks desktop installation errors, you need to find the root cause of the problem, but since the problems are many you need to know some few basic tricks or methods to handle it on a general basis. It will be difficult to employ different methods for each and every cause of the problem. But if you keep up with this blog, you will learn how to employ methods that can tackle the root causes as one single unit. So if you are keen on knowing how to fix this error in QuickBooks, you can continue reading this blog or you can also contact QuickBooks Customer Care to get the troubleshooting steps from a more reliable source.

You can implement certain methods that can resolve the errors as a whole. And some of the methods that give excellent result have been listed below. So feel free to refer to the steps to dissolve the problem on your own:

Method 1: Use the QuickBooks install diagnostics tool.

·       First of all, download the QuickBooks install diagnostics tool on to your computer and save it.

·       Now, close any running apps or programs on the computer and run the tool.

·       The diagnostic tool will take some time to scan the computer so wait patiently.

·       After the diagnosis is complete, you will have to restart your computer.

Method 2: Perform Windows update on your computer.

·       On your keyboard, press the windows key and type in ‘windows update’ on the search box.

·       Now click on the ‘check for updates’ option and when the list appears, select all and click ‘install’.

·       After the install is done, you must restart your computer once.

Method 3: Install the QuickBooks desktop in selective startups.

·       Turn to your keyboard and press the windows key and R together.

·       When the Run program window pops up, type in ‘msconfig’.

·       When you see the new window, click on the ‘general’ tab and select the option that says ‘hide all Microsoft services’.

·       Now, disable all and unmark the checkbox for ‘hide all Microsoft services’.

·       Make sure that you have selected the Windows Installer and select ‘restart’ on the windows configuration window.

These are some of the steps you can employ to handle QuickBooks installation errors. If at any point you run into technical errors, you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support Number to get assistance from specialized employees.

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