How do I find my employer’s EIN or Tax ID in TurboTax


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All the taxpayers and the employees who are working and have salaries that are taxable must be acquainted with the terms related to tax filing and stuff. A standout which remains the most critical is to know the EIN number of your employer or boss. EIN is basically an Employer Identification number, which is at times referred to as the Federal Employer Identification Number. It is a 9-digit number that is given to the employers in the US. You will require this EIN number, every time you document the tax forms and file the state and federal tax returns. It is a way for the IRS to identify employers for legal and security issues. For any further assistance, the turbotax customer care is always reachable. And you can always go through this blog to look out for the solution on how to find the Employer Identification number or the Tax ID.


How to find the EIN on the W-2 form?


One of the best ways to check the employer’s EIN is to look out on Box B in your W-2 tax form. According to the IRS guidelines, the employer has to make the form available before January 31. You can look out for the 9 digit EIN of your employer either above the name or below the address. The number will be separated by a small dash between the second and the third number. It will be in this particular format “XX-XXXXXXX”.


In case you do not have access to the W-2 form, then you can take the help of the following suggestions:


·        Get in touch with your employer directly. You can also ask for someone’s assistance who works either in the payroll of the HR department.

·        You can also go through your last year W-2 if working in the same organization for more than a year.

·        Go online and find out the 10-K form of your company. The EIN number will be available there.

·        You can also go through the court documents of your company to look out for the EIN number or tax ID.

For security and legal purposes, TurboTax doesn’t keep the record of the EIN or any other personal information about your employer’s tax ID. You can file your paper return without EIN too. To understand how it is done, you can take the advice of the tax experts at turbotax customer support.



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