How do I find last year’s AGI in TurboTax


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Many taxpayers find it extremely burdensome and time-consuming to file their tax return because of the complex paperwork involved and the many details needed to complete said paperwork. However, there are some innovate tax preparation software evaluable to help ease this burden. And TurboTax is one of the top tax software in the market today. Users who subscribe to TurboTax can use the software to file their state and federal taxes in a very systematic manner. The best thing about TurboTax is that it gives users all the relevant information they need while filling out their tax forms. But this information is not always identifiable on TurboTax and users often have to scan many documents before they find what they want. This article will help you find last year’s AGI in TurboTax. If you need more information on how to locate other tax details you can call the TurboTax customer support and talk to a trained expert.

What is AGI?

The Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI as it is more commonly known, is your gross income calculated after making the necessary tax adjustments to your income. Based on the adjustments to your income your AGI will most probably less than or more or less equal to your total income. It is important to know your AGI because then you will be able to calculate the credits and tax deductions you are entitled to as per the tax laws.

Steps to find you last year’s AGI in TurboTax

Use the methods below to know your AGI in TurboTax:

·         Method 1: Sign in your TurboTax account online and click on the “Your tax returns & documents” section. Select the year 2018 and click ‘View adjusted gross income’. You can use these steps to view your AGI on the TurboTax mobile app as well.

·         Method 2: You can also use the tax return you originally filed last year to know your AGI. Go through the tax forms particularly the forms 1040 and locate your AGI.

·         Method 3: Finally you can just order a copy of your state or federal tax return from the IRS ‘Get Transcript’ site and check your AGI.

The IRS makes it mandatory to provide your AGI whenever you e-file your returns. If you are unable to find your AGI in TurboTax then it could be because you are using the wrong TurboTax account. Users should note that they can only use the ID they used last year when they sign in. You should also remember to use the same email address otherwise it will be considered a different account.

If none of the methods mentioned above helps you find your AGI information then you should call the TurboTax technical support and consult a trained expert to retrieve the information. You will find that TurboTax experts are available 24 hours a day to respond to any software related error you may encounter.

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