Columnar activated carbon: coal and wood


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Columnar activated carbon is a broad-spectrum carbon absorption raw material. carbon pellets manufacturer According to the different surface shapes, raw coal activated carbon can be divided into raw coal granular activated carbon and raw coal powdered activated carbon, and granular activated carbon is divided into raw coal formed carbon.


Air filtration activated carbon is mainly used in various organic waste gas, fuel gas and liquefied gas industries, and other raw coal activated carbon, such as columnar activated carbon and particulate activated carbon. The solution is whether waste water or organic waste gas can be used in sewage treatment and air filtration solutions.


Honeycomb activated carbon is the key to the treatment of organic waste gas. Powdered activated carbon is more suitable for industrial sewage treatment, alcohol in the food industry, and activated carbon for water purification. Higher and relatively dense cationic polymers, such as polyethyleneimine, are generally composed of typical binary polymer system software with apam. Naturally, there are other ways of composition.


However, to improve the water solubility of the filter, it has long been proved that two system software are very reasonable. Pei-cpam and pei-cpam-specific sodium bentonite. It has been published by basf enterprise for newsprint. 3 In addition, these two system softwares are used to pack bags and obtain excellent practical effects of filtering water.


The independent application of pei has the effect of improving the water solubility of the filter, but the actual effect of the binary system software is stronger. coconut activated carbon The influence factors of the two-way polyacrylamide ampam filter aid and retention aid effect are the same. The high polymer used in conjunction with polyacrylamide is mainly low content as the filter aid system software.


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