What role does polyacrylamide play in oil fields?


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Oilfield additives, polyacrylamide, come in emulsion and solid forms. It is a multi-functional additive. It is used as a modifier, stabilizer and settlement flocculation for mud in oilfield drilling processes to improve the rheology of mud; anionic polyacrylamide manufacturers Improve the size of suspended particles, increase the suspension power, and accelerate the filtration and separation of crude oil.


Injecting polyacrylamide PAM into salt water during secondary oil recovery can effectively improve the spraying capacity of salt water and effectively extract crude oil from the porous rock surface. Adding polyacrylamide PAM to the water-oil emulsion can significantly reduce the viscosity of the emulsion.


Adding to the oil storage tank can reduce the water content on the surface of the oil tank and reduce the cost of adoption. There are many types of oilfield additives. Both polyacrylamide PAM and potassium polyacrylate K-PAM can be called oilfield additives, but they are two different oilfield additives. The potassium salt of K-PAM polyacrylamide contains potassium ions. It is an essential oilfield auxiliary agent for oilfield drilling operations that can well inhibit rock formation collapse prevention.


In oil exploitation, the viscosity of injection water can be increased to avoid breakdown of the oil layer and increase the oil recovery rate. buy polyacrylamide  It is used as a thickener in the third oil recovery to increase the oil displacement capacity and improve the recovery effect of the oil bed. In the oil field, the newer anionic and cationic polyacrylamide PAM can be used to protect the injected groundwater from permeating and agglomerating and recovering crude oil from openings, improving the economics of oil well production, and controlling the incorporation of water into the oil layer.


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