What effect does the size of white corundum mesh on its performance


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For many customers, when purchasing white fused alumina, they like to use the mesh to indicate the specifications of the white fused alumina, and they also like to use the mesh when inquiring about the particle size of the white fused alumina.white fused alumina manufacturing process It must be admitted that the mesh number is indeed one of the important parameters to measure the white corundum index.


The current common white corundum meshes are as follows: 16 mesh, 24 mesh, 36 mesh, 46 mesh, 60 mesh...240 mesh, 280 mesh, 320 mesh and so on. Of course, there are many omitted, but in addition, it can also be processed according to customer needs and purposes. After all, different industries and different uses have different requirements for white corundum.


Regarding the mesh size of white corundum, many people will also care about the relationship between the mesh size and the nature. It can be roughly explained in this way. White corundum is used as an abrasive, and the number of meshes determines the particle size, and the particle size affects the performance of white corundum as a refractory material and also affects the appearance of white corundum.


For white corundum, if the particle size is too large, the aggregate and powder will not be combined sufficiently, and if the particle size is too small, the white corundum will slightly decrease and the wear rate will increase.


However, it should be noted that although the mesh number is a commonly used unit, it is not accurate when measuring the particle size.hsl abrasives The correct way is to use the particle size, that is, use the mesh number to convert the particle size.


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