What are the characteristics of desulfurization activated carbon


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Activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon made of sulfur-containing materials. It has a black, odorless, non-toxic appearance, developed internal pore structure, large specific surface area, and strong adsorption capacity.coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers It is a kind of microcrystalline carbon material that is commonly used as an adsorbent. . Activated carbon is divided into powder, granular, irregular granular, cylindrical, spherical and fibrous according to its appearance and shape.


Desulfurization activated carbon can effectively solve the exhaust gas emitted by organic solvents. As an air purification adsorbent, it is mainly produced and processed from a porous surface. It solves the problem of ventilation resistance and reduces the resistance during the flow of air. A larger area of contact with the adsorbent improves the purification capacity.


Desulfurization activated carbon can purify a large area of benzene aldehyde organic solvent gas, and the block-shaped design of desulfurization activated carbon is also beneficial to air purification. Each surface has tens of thousands of pores, which not only increases the contact It is easy to use and place, so desulfurization activated carbon is a better material for exhaust gas purification.


Features of desulfurization activated carbon:


1. Desulfurization activated carbon has large specific surface area, high adsorption value, good strength, and is not fragile.


2. The desulfurized activated carbon contains less ash and impurities. To ensure the smooth chemical reaction of the catalyst, it is necessary to reduce the content of various impurities such as ash and metal ions in the carbon to improve the pore utilization rate of the activated carbon.


3. Desulfurization activated carbon has low moisture content. activated carbon pellets manufacturer Keep the moisture content of activated carbon as low as possible to avoid affecting its function.


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