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Coconut shell water purification charcoal is made from coconut shell through a series of processes. Usually, the activated carbon produced from coconut shell is called coconut shell activated carbon, which is widely used in gas phase adsorption and liquid phase adsorption. activated carbon pellets manufacturer The activated carbon used for liquid phase adsorption can be divided into water purification activated carbon and sewage treatment activated carbon. Therefore, we are used to call the coconut shell activated carbon used in water purification treatment as coconut shell water purification charcoal.


In the water treatment process, the quality of activated carbon is related to the quality of the effluent, which further affects the reverse osmosis system and water treatment effect. Therefore, in water treatment, the choice of activated carbon is particularly important, and coconut shell water purification charcoal is the most effective activated carbon in water treatment. It mainly adsorbs impurities and organic matter in water quality to achieve the effect of purifying water quality and has a greater impact on water quality.


So, what are the requirements for coconut shell water purification charcoal in water treatment?


1. High mechanical strength


During the filter and backwashing process, it is necessary to maintain sufficient specifications and strength so as not to cause shape changes and deformation, which will cause the loss of head filter material. At the same time, the coconut shell water purification charcoal has high mechanical strength and will increase its service life.


2. The chemical properties should be stable


Sewage is often accompanied by a certain acidity and alkalinity. In order to prevent the filter material from being corroded by the sewage, affecting the treatment effect or causing secondary pollution, the coconut shell water purification charcoal must have corrosion resistance to ensure its use in water treatment.


3. Better thermal stability


Coconut shell water purification charcoal is suitable for different temperatures and will not deform, soften, or oxidize.


4. Requirements for technical indicators


In water treatment, the density of coconut shell water purification charcoal should be moderate. If the density is too high, it is difficult to backwash the activated carbon; if the density is small, it will affect the normal use of activated carbon.


5. Strong regeneration


Coconut shell water purification charcoal can be regenerated for use after the adsorption is saturated, saving costs without causing secondary pollution, and conforms to the modern green environmental protection slogan. wan yang activated carbon However, it should be noted that when coconut shell water purification charcoal is regenerated, it needs to be carried out in a professional activated carbon manufacturer to ensure the quality of the regenerated product.



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