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Date & time Jan 21
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They definitely need more people that have the ability to work on the OSRS gold engine,"engine function" should not be a limitation. Other than that yeah the level of articles design has been very good so we do not want to ruin that by having too many devs feel as they must be publishing something.

What we desperately need is a dedicated service team, dedicated anti cheat staff, a player mod team, more engine devs for both matches, and whatever group is suppose to deal with account security. They haven't been in a position to start on account safety as a result of continuous ongoing"other problems" for the past 1-2 years. So obviously they need to expand that team or hire some contractors.

Don't get me wrong I am quite pleased with the osrs staff and all they've done. I just know from the start (and I have been here since the start of osrs) it has always been an act that OSRS is some side job and RS3 is your main bread and butter.

I will say as of late it is clear they're placing a whole lot more resources behind it but there continue to be a smorgasbord of neighborhood issues behind poor smoking and low staff there.

That seems more like a Jagex item that only a very low staff thing. It's not like when the entire company was operating on Buy Rs gold that they never had any issues with any community issues. They've been growing a ton and seeking to handle a lot of issues.


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