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When these power outages first occurred last March, they triggered an economic meltdown in RuneScape that RuneScape gold radically impacted the costs of heavily farmed things like dragon bones, Zulrah's scales, and black chinchompas. As came to play, RuneScape players discovered what happens on their match's market once you suddenly eliminate a sizable proportion of RuneScape players from RuneScape. James Austen is the proprietor of GE Tracker, a site that examines RuneScape's virtual economy.

"We get a steady quantity of traffic on ge-tracker. Com. They're our 8th greatest nation, which honestly is far higher than I thought they'd be on this record," Austen says, explaining that the site received traffic from about 17,200 unique Venezuelan users during a six-month period in 2019. Austen claims that RuneScape's market is steady, but it could be pumped by such a large population of RuneScape players. "The current waves of power outages have had a direct impact on the condition of raw materials and other exceptionally botted resources in RuneScape," he says.

The impact which Venezuelan RuneScape players are getting on RuneScape is becoming a divisive issue in the RuneScape community. The costs of heavily farmed items today fluctuate dramatically with the continuing power cuts in Venezuela. Will Anema, that runs a popular RuneScape YouTube channel, doesn't believe that prices are necessarily a fantastic thing. Rather, he considers the influx of gold farmers is getting a negative impact on RuneScape. "I really don't want RuneScape that I know and love to be ruined," Anema states.

"Consider it this way: If we took everything to an intense and all the best gear and items were really cheap -- so cheap that if I went out and purchased gold, I could buy every thing that I wanted to -- then RuneScape would be almost meaningless. Everybody would have everything that they wanted, and that would go entirely against why folks play with RuneScape. That's why I think flat-rate costs since you are selling gold is indeed harmful to RuneScape."

While Anema is critical of individuals that gold-farm in RuneScape, he believes there is a level of hypocrisy hiding behind the criticism directed toward Venezuelan RuneScape players, as they're only able to do what they do due to the requirement for gold farming services from other RuneScape players. "People that are angry at Venezuelans for gold farming also ought to look at the community and RS3 gold say: Well, there's as much need for the Venezuelans' supply, because a ton of people are buying their gold," Anema continues. "it is an issue in the community also."

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