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Am I prepared to perform ESO Blades Gold?

Am I prepared to perform ESO Blades Gold? Short response. Long answer, I dislike The Elder Scrolls Blades and they handled The Elder Scrolls I have lost faith and all my hope in them, You all know what they did. Should they desire to get back their clients then I believe they will need to really push their next games to create them as good as you can. In case Starfield&Elder Scrolls VI turn out great then they might have the ability to get possibly 60%-80% of those players back take or give, Not with us anticipating them but together with us at least still playing their games... (Maybe begin with actually ironing the bugs out instead of create the moders take action )?

While I understand there are lots of ppl ready to bash The Elder Scrolls Blades, I'm hopeful. I Pre Ordered The Elder Scrolls Blades and anticipate enjoying it released. Boxes -- IMO these items will be used by Whales in order to dominate from the PVP section of The Elder Scrolls Blades. It wouldn't draw on me away in the Single Player story mode facet while this stinks. I have invested that I do not have a problem provided that it is pleasurable and free also YEARS into games.

It's just sad what the gambling industry has become. These folks throwing their cash at microtransactions when they could use that money for something or purchasing games that are different. I could literally think about a thousand other things I would do with this money. They keep their microtransactions out of our matches and I would even be OK with buy TESO Blades Gold if the cost of games increased from 60 to 80 or even $ 100 as this suits these businesses and don't become idle. Since I KNOW I'll have a blast for games such as cyberpunk, I'd pay $200 fuckin dollars for this or more. Let us pray CDPR does not fall into greed at the future.
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