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z2ugame Nov 15 '20
Microsoft Gift Card for Sale “Technology has a critical role to play in supporting economic recovery and opportunity everywhere. Microsoft is committed to fostering local innovation to support digital transformation across the public and private sectors in Taiwan. Our new investment in Taiwan reflects our faith in its strong heritage of hardware and software integration. With Taiwan’s expertise in hardware manufacturing and the new datacenter region we look forward to greater transformation advancing what is possible with 5G AI and IoT capabilities spanning the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge,” said Jean-Phillippe Courtois Executive Vice President and President Microsoft Global Sales Marketing and Operations.

Microsoft has revealed that hackers backed by Russia and North Korea have targeted pharmaceutical companies involved in the COVID-19 vaccine development efforts.The technology giant said Friday that the attacks targeted seven companies in the U.S. Canada France India and South Korea. But while it blocked the “majority” of the attacks Microsoft acknowledged that some were successful.Microsoft said it had notified the affected companies but declined to name them. If you need Buy Microsoft Gift Card Digital Codes , you can visit our site

Microsoft recently published a new blog post explaining how to optimize Azure workload costs. Microsoft’s Azure Well-Architected Framework offers guidance for cost optimization across four stages: design provision monitor and optimize.Once your design stage is complete you move into the provision stage where you choose and deploy the resources that will make up your workload. There are many considerations and tradeoffs impacting cost at this stage like which services to choose and which SKUs and regions to select.