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lily Nov 8 '18
Square Rui heel in the Yue Peng nearby, hope to give the figure vision You You of the radicle of Luo Ci, make Yang Qiu secretly funny to intentionally clap him for a while:"You are a northwest soldier tube Doug Baldwin Women Jersey now minister, don't be old suspicious." Square Rui Han once the Han smile, this just thinks of oneself and no longer makes intelligence report.The Yue Peng sees a form also beside smile to ask:"How?Does he still hesitate?Return to now but good opportunity, support Soviets civil war to necessarily break out appropriately." "This guy is also person Jing, doing not want to make us organic can take advantage o."Yang Qiu Xie took aim an eye to walk to far give the radicle of Luo Si.Is this time to invite him come be want to try Rashaad Penny Women Jersey and see to can advise him to return to country, because Stalin is greatly cleaning now, as long as he appears Soviets national territory up, those are frightened be cleaned of person's affirmation will go and live with him, re-offering some materials and funds to help civil war affirmation will beat.But this guy is obviously to don't want to make oneself succeed, so used "do not return to now" to push to take off. "This guy, also Russell Wilson Women Jersey enough deceitful.Know a dozen of civil wars' making profit necessarily is us, so prefer to temporarily put power."Square the Rui secretly indulge in arguments, but also helpless, always can not bind him to return to, don't more impossibly make him use domestic when the base comes to anti- Stalin. "Calculate, since he would not like to also the nothing important was worth of and had already waited Stalin to start and then know to cry to him."Yang Qiu puts a hand, don't want to be entwining this problem, to him strategy set up already first step completion, wait the opportunity of accepting the officer to appear now.So make changes in a topic to put back attention domestic construction, ask a way:"The Rui of the square, the mineral stone acts for of affair how?The steel and iron works can not cease work.The hinterland is too and far carried, all of the northwest construction hope this a few factories." "The president stops Shaquem Griffin Women Jersey worrying, several years ago, national territory resources the bureau had already found out a few iron mines while coming to northwest survey and expected first of opened to dig with mine construction begin to work for a long time, can face west a few northern factories to provide an iron mine stone at any time."The Rui of the square this soldier tube the minister find out the felling of role conversion on the whole and hid in detail northwest mineral to introduce 1 time with the circumstance of industrial development.