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There is no denying that Facebook has been making connections easy. As a global phenomenon in the reinvention of social networking, it has paved the way for millions of people to connect with others located on several areas of the globe - it has truly been the most popular engine for networking. And with the integration of a Facebook video chat app, the way people communicate online has never been this easy.




What is 360mate?

360mate is a Facebook video chat app that offers excellent features!

Aside from fast and efficient videoconferencing engine, this app also provides several options for users. For instance, if you want to chat with everyone also using the application, using the public tab is the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer to chat with those in your friends list, using the tab for that option is what you need to do. This will provide you with the complete list of your friends list and show who among them is online. You will easily notice this feature since those offline will be darker than those online. But if you prefer a one-on-one chat with someone you know - or even someone you've just met online - the app also features a private tab for an intimate video chat for two.

The best thing about this Facebook video chat app is the charge, which is none actually. You can access, use, and use it again and again without costing you a single dime. You'll be able to chat with your friends and see them at the same time free of charge.

360mate is an online webpage catering to your everyday social networking needs. We pride ourselves with hardworking staff and developers assuring that our software are up-to-date and meets, if not, exceeds the standards set by the majority. 360mate is under Dominor Web Development company which provides a range of e-commerce solutions, including web design, internet marketing, MLS IDX (for real-estate webmasters), and a range of custom applications.